Today I'm feeling...  

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8/4/2005 10:09 pm

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Today I'm feeling...

... blah. Why are there stupid people in the world? Okay, I'm not going there, because it will make me feel even more blah. You know what would make me feel better? A nice, long, hot massage. Red gives great massages. The night we finally met (we had been chatting online for about a month, I think), we were at my place, waiting for my friend to show up (after she had called in tears because of her then-boyfriend). Anyway, I think Red was feeling a little.. umm... horny, and he started massaging my shoulders. Good lord, that man knows how to use his hands! I can honestly say I had never believed it was humanly possible to melt before then. I was a hot, wet puddle in his hands. I was wearing a v-necked shirt, and he started sliding his fingertips around the neckline. Back then, I thought I was not the kind of girl who'd have sex on the first date, but had he tried anything, I would have!

Instead, we waited until the next day. I'm not sure if it was technically our second date, or still our first, since we had stayed up together the entire night before. Regardless, it was unbelievably fantastic. Red is rather well-endowed (I think you can tell from the pictures, but I'm not certain) and rather talented, both orally and otherwise. I must have decided then to marry him, although it was purely out of lust.

I feel better now. Thanks Red.

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