Things observed, lessons learned, and oh yeah, PURPLE DOTS!!!!!  

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3/10/2005 5:17 pm

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Things observed, lessons learned, and oh yeah, PURPLE DOTS!!!!!

In my past 3 meetings, I had observed one common thing; men were pleased that I was attractive. Hell yeah, I mean I got to have something to complement the body (just kidding). Actually, I think it is more like cute. You know like in "Boomerang", where Robin Givens is all that, and Halle Berry is the "cute" co-worker? That's me. I have always been the cute friend that was around all the gorgeous women. It didn't bother me, because I knew if I got the weaves and all the makeup, I will be right up there. That's not me though. I like the way I look (even though I am trying to lose some weight off this wagon I'm draggin...).

So I go this this swing party on the other side of the river. Verrry interesting. I did not expect so many real people in a friendly atmosphere. I thought that it would be like "eyes wide shut" and I would be one of the thick ones. I was actually one of the skinny ones. After a couple of drinks and pleasant convo, it was on. Don't get it twisted, those big women got there groove back, as well as the men (there was this skinny dude with leopard thongs. ewwwwwwww). I wanted to initially just recon and observe everything, but ended up getting with someone by the end of the night. It would of been cool if someone joined in (and some people actually complained that they couldn't), but hey, lessons learned. I also learned that if you scope someone out at the beginning, you better let them know right away, even it means getting on your needs to make a point. And it is just me, but does anyone else get cravings for getting head?! I know I have issues.....okay I'm am getting off the path. There is another one later this month, and I'm trying to get to one out of town...I will post an update.

So on my 4th one on one meeting, I accepted an invitation to breakfast. This was not someone I would normally scope...he was middle aged, but attractive and in shape. He even went into my "filtered" mail (lucky for me I checked that). We had pleasant conversation, and a few days later linked up at a nice place. It was what I needed at the time, and I will not even lie, I am looking to get more. He made me realize I was sleeping on a demographic, and got me thinking about other things we can do. This one is definitely 4-play!!!!!

At this time, I got the first guy hounding, the 2nd MIA, the third in the wind, and the 4th I'm hoping looking to be a regular. Looks like it might be a busy spring.............

IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

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