Should I or Shouldn't I...........  

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3/14/2005 8:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Should I or Shouldn't I...........

Yeah, I'm going to start doing this like twice a week. It is refreshing, but too much work!!!!

So I finally meet up with a member that I have communicated with for a while. It was finally good to see what he looked like, and vice versa I guess. I think the trading of emails got a little old, but since we both live busy lives, it was kind of hard. I get all kinds of emails, and choosing who to reply to is hella hard. I end up letting the email sit in my box for a minute just so I can look at it again to see if I want to pursue it. And it helps me in knowing who is completely desperate and who isn't (desperate is not a good thing).

I have this rule of meeting with someone first, so then I can decide if I want to "bump skins". This came after the 1st experience, I would of NEVER did it if I knew what I was getting into. Because of the fact that this person and I have had so many conversations, we could of skipped this step and got right to it. Intuition stepped in, however, and I decided against it. I hate that. It is the "should I go for it or not" factor. That means that there is something there that my sixth sense is picking up on (like if they are clingy, last five minutes, a real bad biter that leaves marks, anything), so it will now allow me to go to the second step. You can say I have my own personal "cockblocker". With some people I don't even get that alarm, but others are not so lucky. Usually when I don't get it, I end up having great sex. Can't argue with that.

I think also it is with maturity. When I was younger, I did not give a fuck, I would do it then and there. Now, I am more picky and make sure what I am getting into. How is this persons state of mind? Are they going to be a pest. I never get an complaint or argument when I request meeting at a bar or whatever, because they end up having the same issues.

So now my rule is meet first, fuck second. I was never the one to hold out..........

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3/14/2005 10:11 pm

It is a bit hard to fuck first and meet second?!

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