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3/29/2005 6:40 pm

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Post Easter Greetings

I hope everyone's holiday was well.

How was mine? Well from my last message, very busy. San Francisco is a very nice city to visit, and I wish I had time to see some of the most interesting areas, but I was too busy communicating with software engineers and internet people. I swear, I have never went to a conference where something even remotely interesting happened. There were bad movies at the hotel, and I did not last even 15 minutes at the bar without some schumck coming around and trying to hit on me (Note to men: That "you must of fell from heaven line DOES NOT WORK!!!). And I needed something, since I was missing out on all kinds of stuff on the East Coast. I did get down to Southern California and saw my family, so that was a good thing. None of my dependables were available for any action though. Family and all that. Crap. Seriously though, I might look up some escort services the next time I travel. A couple of women and I were talking about at the hotel, since they were in the same position. Professional Thirtysomething women in a city with no responsibilties? Someone could of gotten real lucky in those circumstances. Especially I was just looking to get laid, nothing more.

So then Saturday afternoon I hopped a plane to get to Baltimore for Sunrise service. On the flight, I thought able all the relationships I have had with all men, and I have found that I get along with all my ex's, expect one. Of course it's the one where I had the most mindblowing sex. Typical. Anyway, the fact I can blow into my hometown and call someone, and they were actually excited to hear from me and we talked in detail about what we were up to was cool. I would of liked to at least got some action, but I least got good conversation.

It was really interesting for my ex and I to attend with the kids for appearances sake. I doubt next year it will happen. It not that we do not get along, we actually have a better relationship than when we were together. It's cool when you can get along with and your ex to a point where you can talk about anything without the other person getting offended. Case in point; he hooks up with an old flame on Friday, and she ends up calling him the whole weekend. He begged me to answer his phone, so that way he could look like a "dog" and she would stop calling. I was laughing my ass off, but I did it, and it actually worked. I mean, I can't hate on the fact that he got ass and I didn't. I am just hoping all these goods vibes will pay off in one way or another.

I still don't regret my decision about not going to the event, but I did see from the message board that people had a good time, but nothing spectacular happened. I will definitely hit the next one.

Until next time..........

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