Another Thought......  

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4/1/2005 8:02 pm

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Another Thought......

I have been thinking lately about anal sex. I think it gets a bad name, because if you do it right, there is no reason a women (or man) should not enjoy it. In every sexual relationship I have had, it would always come up when were fucking for awhile, like that would be the next step. I guess a man felt that if a women had a big ass, that would be something she could handle. I was watching a porn in my hotel when I was out of town, and when the man tried to enter the women in her ass doggie style, she was wincing and carrying on. Of course someone who has never done it is going to see that and panic.

I have been in situtations where it felt good, and hurt really bad. I found it has nothing to do with size. I dated this guy who was at least 8 inches, and we did it by me laying on top of him and with my legs wide open. I moved his dick gradually in and out my ass until it was deep enough inside. Between that and him fingering my clit, we both ended up cuming without any bad pain on my end. I have tried that with a couple of others, but they are so anxious to get in it never seems to work.

I doubt I will be trying it in the near future, since I have not had a steady fuck buddy in a minute. Even if, most people are leery in doing it. Some dudes actually get squeamish. It's like head. I cannot believe that there are men out there who do not like getting there dick sucked. For someone like myself who loves giving head, that is a real disappointment.

Plus, I don't like to put all my cards on the table..........

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