Back here again. (Fat lot of good)  

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3/18/2005 5:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Back here again. (Fat lot of good)

Back loggin into this site again (Who 2 times in 7 days business has picked up LO

Nope had 2 email from 2 separate people which I had to read. And you know what????? Does my profile say no dudes please. Have I stressed how much I don't like being contacted by dudes??? Not I am not a gay basher or homo-phobic. (I have a perfectly normal gay brother) Just you want to get me down, and kick a little while I am squeaming on the ground. Well that's how I sometimes feel when the whole guy contacting me feels. Although I guess it is contact by someone which I did not initiate. (Usually about the only banter I get going is stuff I have initiated, and I am a little picky. So I tend not to send out a heap of email. At least some careful though is put in the process on my level. I also go by the star and 100% level. Or something must be unique to catch my eye.) At least be attractive man and not the usual cock shot. Is it just me or is the whole cock shot a little over rated. Oh I forgot where I am. LOL Hey look ma I can attract dudes, not the reason I am here. Dissapointed.

Second contact like most of the others is yet another pay website pretending to be a girl, to entice me to spend money else where. Guawd give it up already if it has not worked the first couple of time it is not going to work this time. I think this irks me more than the dude thing. Although I think it is only because I have a 4 to one ratio on fake girls Vs Dudes at the moment. Frustrating (I think I have visited this emotion here before. Bend over and kick now.)

Although not complaining or really actively seeking on here at the moment as I am actively talking to someone from here. We will see where it goes. (Not looking for one nighters anyway so I am in for long haul which ever way I go.) Wrong approach on this website? I have some standards *That's why I am not emailing back dudes.* Steriotypical yes, rational yes, desprate no!

Anyway rambling again like a madman. At least I am putting this down so in another weeks time I can say see this person he is such a fool. He should have emailed back the dude at least then he would be getting some. Which I am JOKING about and I do not want an increadable influx of dudes emailing me, unless it is for MANly Beers and what not. LOL Although like the Sienfield Episode the longer you have not had it the smarter you get, although I would be prepared to be dumbed down if needs be. (I am getting to smart for my own good ~ Translation ~ I have not had a partner in a while. The things you do)

Anyway weekend plans? Usual Nil? Hang on I have that thing? (Cosplay ~ well sort of I have a tenancy to wear a big purple robot costume, only because my head hidden. Anonymity gives such great confidence. In my own mind I am cool or at least I tell myself that.) Total ramblings must end....

splinkee 32F

3/18/2005 9:33 pm

I think you need to get back on your medication


Tala4u2 54M  
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3/18/2005 11:02 pm

Good one saaussiedude I am lucky coz i guess guys can see where i put my cock. And that is not what they can provide. I am picky too and changed to explict pics because i can but would never put just a cock shot on and you have just convinced me totally as to why not.

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