The Way I feel  

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10/28/2005 10:56 pm

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The Way I feel

Ever since I can remember
I've been a codependant person.
I always tried my hardest
to please other people.
When it cames to other's feelings,
I would put them before my own-
even if it meant
sacrificing my own needs.
I cared to much about
what others thought of me.
I tried to be everyone's friend
I was a "people pleaser":
doing, saying and being
whatever everyone else
wanted me to be.
I lost out on knowing who I really was
It reached the point where
I didn't even know what I wanted in life,
I was unable
to make even simple decisions,
because in a way
I had lost my true identity

I'm still a codependant person-
but now I'm a recovering one
I recognize my weakness
and because I can now put myself firt-
before everyone else-
I can finally be "me!"

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