Where have I been?  

ryanrdl 38M
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9/28/2005 2:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where have I been?

They say wherever you go, there you are. That sounds like a rather obvious statement... unless you are having an out of body experience. Then perhaps wherever you go, there you are, unless you aren't.

I have been on hiatus one could say. I haven't really been drinking, or partying (although I did last weekend for a bachelor party) nor have I been having sex. I have just been getting in touch with me, I guess you could say.

Well I'm not dead yet! Just wanted to say hello and maybe in the future I will get some inspiration to write some more.

Ta ta...


rm_cjcj9 41F
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10/10/2005 5:37 am

I'm patiently waiting for your return...I was wondering where you were. I just went to check and see if there was anything new here. I am glad you are ok...


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