I had a dream...  

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8/7/2005 3:41 pm

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I had a dream...

Perhaps it was recent flirtations or the machinations of an over-active imagination fueled by alcoholic libations. Perhaps the real reason will never be known.

I am sitting in the lobby of a hotel reading the morning paper with the ankle of one leg resting comfortably on the dark grey and black pin stripped knee of the other. My shirt is italian silk, clean, pressed, but airy in the hot weather. Today is a particularly hot day and my sleeves are rolled up. I concede to the heat by rolling my cuffs up, two twists of the cuff on each arm and the folds are made carefully, precisely. My attire is finished with dark black leather shoes polished to a high mirror shine and an avante-garde dark navy blue tie that reminds me of the rolling waves on the sea.

"Daylight savings glitches ahead," is the top story on the page of the news paper that I am reading. "Story continued on page 12..." As I flip to page tweleve to learn just how these daylight savings time glitches will affect me, I notice that a woman has taken the seat across from me.

Her eyes dart quickly down to her decafe mocha-latte that she has been holding for so long that it no longer steams. Was she looking at me? As is often the case I dismiss the errant thought to wishful thinking and continue on to learn that indeed, the daylight savings time glitches will not affect me in anyway.

As I complete the story, I see the same woman's head appear over the top newspaper. I look up and take a good look figuring she is walking away and I rarely pass up the opportunity to steal a glance at a beautiful woman.

She is wearing a yellow sleveless top. The yellow is vibrant and sets off the well toned bronze skin that I notice as my eyes slide down from her shoulders to her swooping neckline. There is visible cleavage showing but she looks very classy. Around her neck is a simple silver chain with a single peral baubble the nestles between her well shaped breasts.

My eyes continue their journey downwards. A well toned abdomen peaks out just slightly before giving way to well-rounded an proportional hips. Around these hips she is wearing a white slowing skirt that falls just past her knees. A breeze blows in through an opened front door which causes the skirt to rise several inches revealing a small glimpse of the thighs which are normally hidden from view.

It is about this time I realize three things. The first being that I have yet to see this exquisite woman's face. The second, that I have been appreciating her body with my eyes for a rather long time. And third, she has not moved in that time.

I sheepishly begin to raise my eyes, barely taking the time to appreciate on the way up what I lusted after on the way down... barely. As my eyes begin their arduous climb over her beautiful neckline to meet her gaze and accept my admonishment I notice something else. Instead of frowning her disapproval, she is biting her lower lip and smiling at me.

As in awe as I was of her body, it is her face that is the true masterpiece. Golden blonde hair splashes down to her shoulders framing a face that is the inspiration for poetry. Full lips lightly accented by a shade of pink that has most likely been given a name by the company that produces it but of which I can only think of "perfection" spread out in to a smile that lights an already incandesant face. Bright blue eyes bring to mind the tie that I picked out this morning because it reminded me of deep crystal blue pools in a forgotten tropical grotto pierce through me and I know she can read my thoughts. I am stripped bare by a glance.

She finally moves. She sits next to me as she toys with the peral on the end of the silver chain around her neck. She cups her hand to my ear and leans in as if to tell me a secret. I feel her hot breath caress my ear as she approaches. I anticipate the sweet sound of her voice no matter what message it delivers. My heart quickens its pace and I can feel blood rushing to every part of my body. Eager anticipation dances across my skin and leaves goosebumps in its wake. As her lips approach my waiting ear her scent fills me. Finally, she whispers to me...

More to come...

heavensent1123 52F

8/16/2005 12:33 am


Wow, wish I had your imagination and your dreams, very hot but in a soft core porn type of way which makes it even hotter. Can't wait to hear the rest!!!!

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