I had a dream (part 3)  

ryanrdl 38M
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8/16/2005 6:26 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I had a dream (part 3)

She takes one french manicured nail and begins to drag it from my throat down my chest. As she reaches my nipple she grabs hold and pinches, hard...

My eyes snap shut as the vivid sensation of her fingers pinching my nipple pulsate in my body. I groan with pleasure as she twists, pain and pleasure indistinguishable. My mouth drops open as I draw short, shallow breaths.

I feel her hand release my nipple and she places her palm on my chest. I feel her pushing me back, off of her. I stand up and she keeps pushing me back until I backup into something behind me. A chair. She pushes me down into the chair. The chair is a stright back table chair with no arms and a small seat.

She walks over to the side of the bed and glances over at me with a wicked smile. She stands straight up and her hands go to her waist. A second later her skirt falls to the ground revealing that which it had hidden and only allowed glimpses of earlier. She bends over at the waist causing sensations of pleasure to explode inside me. As she walks over towards me she has my shirt and tie in hand and that wicked grin still on her face.

She straddles me on the chair. I can smell her scent surrounding me. There is another scent that mixes with the perfume as well. It is a deep, musky scent that invokes images of two bodies pressed together, sweat glistening as the rub together, heat. It is the smell of sex.

Again our lips come together. She bites my lower lip and tugs on it. She the takes my tie and reaches behind me. At first I am unsure what she is trying to do but when she grabs my wrists I understand. She wraps the tie around the back of the chair and my wrists and ties it tightly. As she comes back up that wicked grin has split into a smile. She takes flings the shirt behind my back and that smile is the last thing I see before the arms of the shirt cover my eyes.

As I sit there, bound and blind folded, she stands up off me. Several seconds go by and I only hear a slight rustle. A small bead of panic begins to form deep inside me. I pull at my bound but she has tied me tight. How long has it been now? It has only been a minute or two but feels longer. The panic grows, I struggle again. Just as I am about to say something, I hear a giggle. That same giggle from earlier.

I hear her approach. My body is alive with sensation. The lack of sight enhancing the other four sensations. I do not realize that I have been holding my breath until it is expelled suddenly when I feel her lips on my stomach. The soft kiss on my stomach sends waves of intense pleasure through my body. I feel her soft kisses as she heads down towards my waist. As she gets to my waist I can hear the ting of metal on metal as she unhooks my belt buckle. Ziiipppppp. My zipper is opened. She unbuttons my pants and starts to slowly pull them down. I lift up to assist.

As she pulls them down to my knees she stops. She kisses my inner thigh of my left leg. The goosebumps rise immediately. The hair is standing straight up as show blows gently over it. She continues to remove my pants and I hear the sound the make as she tosses them into the corner.

I feel her hands on my feet. Her thumbs caress the tops of my feet while her fingers work the bottoms. I laugh as she takes the nail of one finger and runs them along the bottom of my feet. I am ticklish there. Her hot breath blows against my calf as moves to gently kiss me there. Her lips travel upwards, her hands always on me. Her hands are on my knees as she pushes them apart and spreads my legs apart. I feel her breath on my inner thigh again, but this time it is not her kiss I feel but instead her teeth. She bites me, gently. The sensation is undescribable.

I long to throw her on the bed and make love to her. I hear the blood pounding in my ears. A thunderous creshendo of passion beating a rhythm of lust. I strain at my bonds but they hold tight. Her tounge begins moving from my thigh upwards. My breaths become more shallow, more rapid. I feel her hands grasp the band of boxers as she begins to tug them down. She pulls them down quickly and tosses them aside. A cool breeze comes in through the window and touches my naked body as I feel her straddle me again.

My body thrusts upwards in a mock humping motion. Instinct takes over. Desperate to be inside her. Longing for the climax that seems so close yet so far. I feel her heat and wetness against me as she rubs back and forth against me while our lips are locked in a passionate embrace. She takes me in her hand and begins to stroke. The sensation is overwhelming, I moan without thinking. Rational thought has left me and only desire remains.

She begins to move down my body. Kissing my neck. Kissing my throat. Kissing my chest. Kissing my stomach. Kissing my waist. Finally, I feel her hot breath on me as she holds me in her hands. I feel the touch of the lips that once embraced my own slowly begin to descend onto me. My whole body shivers with the sensation...

more to come...

heavensent1123 52F

8/16/2005 8:06 am

WOW!!!!! I need a cold shower and I don't even think that's going to do it. Way too much heat generated by that one Ryan. I have a very strong feeling that I'll be reading all 3 of these installments on a fairly routine basis. The anticipation of reading this to the end is killing me.

rm_cjcj9 41F
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8/23/2005 2:52 pm

Seriously, Ryan, I think you need to print this out and submit it to playboy/girl. You are so talented and have made me so hot! I think that you are amazing. If you can do this to my mind....I can only imagine...............

heavensent1123 52F

8/26/2005 2:08 pm

ok so I don't have french manicured nails (something to do with state mandates and artifical nails go figure), and I look terrible in yellow but I can pretend right? It's been like um 10 days Ryan!!!! Now theres foreplay and then theres torture, your bordering on torture with keeping us waiting for part 4.

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