I had a dream (part 2)  

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8/9/2005 7:19 pm

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I had a dream (part 2)


My heart quickens its pace and I can feel blood rushing to every part of my body. Eager anticipation dances across my skin and leaves goosebumps in its wake. As her lips approach my waiting ear her scent fills me. Finally, she whispers to me...


"Did you get a good look?"

I stammer. My cheeks flush as the blood that once course through my extremeties rushes to my brain in a vain attempt to think of something to say. As I fumble for the words to express my embarassment she giggles and grabs ahold of my tie. When I ask where we are going she only flashes a smile at me and giggles again. Her smile and laugh have an innocense to them that belies the maturity in her eyes.

As we get to the elevators she pulls me in and presses the button for the 38th floor. The concierge floor. She presses me up against the back wall of the elevator. The elevator itself is mirrored from floor to ceiling with gold adorning the rail and fixtures. The floor is a creamy white marble inlaid with jade. The beauty of the elevator pales in comparison to the beauty that has me pinned to the wall and whose leg is sliding up my own.

As her mouth hungrily seeks my own I wrap my around around her to draw her closer into my body. I can feel the beat of her heat pounding in time with my own. Our lips part for a second and I open my mouth to ask her name but before my words can escape she puts a finger up to my lips, silencing me without a word. I nod my acknowledgement.

As her lips move towards my ear, I can hear the sound of my earlobe being sucked on just before her tounge makes its way into my ear. A breath escapes my body as wripples of pleasure pulsate from my core outwards. I look up at the ceiling and take note that it is mirrored as well, affording me an interesting view of the passionate embrace below. I gaze across and admire her ass in the mirror on the opposite wall. My hands wrapped around her waste make their way to her thigh, hiking the skirt up until I have hem in hand. She is wearing a yellow thong that matches her top and is nestled perfectly between the well toned cheeks of her ass. My hands work their way down to cup her ass in my hands as I lift her up. I smile as a gasp of pleasure escapes her lips.


The elevator door opens as she is wrapping her legs around my waist. Making sure I have a firm grip of her ass I walk out into the corridor. She reaches into a pocket and pulls out a swipe key with the number "3809" printed on it. I check the sign in front of me. Room 3809 is to the right. As we approach her door she twists in my arms and swipes the card in the door. I am impressed by her agility. She turns back around and flashes the smile at me again as I push the door open. Her lips return to mine and I drink hungrily like a man in the desert dying of thirst.

The room is well furnished. There is a large king size bed with a light blue patterned comforter and a set of neatly arranged pillows. Opposite the bed is an antique mirrored dresser. Early 18th century mahagony. The windows flutter in the breeze as the cool wind that whips through Paris this morning enters the room. As we approach the bed she grasps my tie again and leans back. I fall on top of her onto the bed to the sound of a "whoosh" and the air is pressed out form beneath the egyptian cotton sheets that are virtually indistinguishable from silk.

I place my hands beside her shoulders and press myself up to get a good look at her again. She lays there with her hands above her head. Her chest is heaving and I can see a small drop of sweat that has formed on her neck and is just starting to run down between her breasts. Before it can disappear before under her top I lean in and run my tounge from between her breasts to her neck, intercepting the drop.

As my tounge comes in contact with her skin, she arches her back. Her midsection is pressed against mine and the heat is apparent. She reaches up and begins to undo my tie. Next she untucks my shirt and runs her hands over my stomach under my shirt. Start ing from the bottom, she slowly pulls at each button of my shirt, popping all of the buttons of my shirt off. I let it fall from my shoulders and on to the floor next to my tie. She takes one french manicured nail and begins to drag it from my throat down my chest. As she reaches my nipple she grabs hold and pinches, hard...

More to come...

rm_cjcj9 41F
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8/9/2005 8:19 pm

Don't stop now!!!! Your writing ability is amazing and I think you should seek employment in the romance novel arena!!! Until then, please don't wait too long to finish this excellently sensual story!!

heavensent1123 52F

8/16/2005 12:47 am

I'm with CJ on this one Ryan, can't wait to hear the rest, this is really erotic!!! Hurry up with the next installment, lol.

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