Ode to Robin  

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2/20/2006 5:37 am

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Ode to Robin

Let me tell you of this place,
down deep inside my heart.
Every time I try to tell you,
I start to cry before I start.

I didn't even know it existed
until you came into my life.
I knew the moment I saw you
I wanted to take you for my wife.

In there was smiles & hope & joy & love.
I knew than and there
God was watching from above.
He blessed me more than any other man
for that I had you & Him to guide me by the hand.

I saw you nearly every day,
O' so close but still so far away.
There came a day you stood beside me,
it complete me in every way.

The heart inside me put away so long ago
had become so large inside my chest.
Everyone could see it glow.

I felt complete
So much love for you and yours,
like a baby bird I took off and began to soar.

In spirit, I flew far above the earth
never looking back.
Now I knew that living life
with you was where it's at.

I flew with you beside me
far and high above the sky.
I finally had a reason for living life.
Love and caring was seen within my eyes.

I felt so much joy
spreading my wings into my flight
that when at last I looked
you were so far out of sight.

I went back to where it all began,
I searched there for you, once again.
I couldn't find you, I was all alone.
I found myself inside a house,
it was not a home.

Now you're gone.
Now we are apart.
But I thank God,
You'll Always be in my heart.

All my heart, body, mind, & soul.

This was from a different time. Recovering.

southrnpeach333 50F

2/23/2006 7:34 am

Beautiful, sad poem. Thank you for sharing this.

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