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1/5/2006 9:10 pm

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I love to eat

In my profile I believe I make mention of the fact that I consider myself an oral fanatic. I love it! I love to give it and I love to get it. I cannot tell you how many times I have been late for work because the wife (back in the good ol days) started stroking my cock to wake me up. I love that! Of course, I’m not one to waste a perfectly good erection, and since she started it, it only makes sense that she finished it.

So I’m still half-asleep and I feel her burrowing under the covers. My eyes, not yet opened, have a short trip to roll back in my head as her hot, wet mouth makes contact with my bloated cock head. I swear, for a woman who doesn’t really like a lot of sex, when she gets it in her mind to suck my cock she sucks me better than any woman (or anyone else - I’ll save that story for another time) has ever sucked me. Just like a cheesy erotic story, she makes love to my cock as if her life depends on it.

She runs the oral gamut from slow to quick to shallow to deep to licking and kissing all up and down and around the shaft. Oh yes, and she likes to suck my balls. Most guys I know really enjoy having their balls sucked. Mine are on the sensitive side and ball sucking drives me absolutely nuts. Crazy. Bonkers. Loco. All of the above.

My personal favorite is when she does a slow, deep glide much further down the shaft than she can easily handle, but handle it she does, like a trooper (a sexy female trooper mind you) replete with teary eyes, and a wet, sloppy ball sack from the overflow of spit. All the while, she has a firm grip on the thickest part of my cock. I love that too! She knows I’m all about testing limits and moving beyond normal and when she tries she tries and I am just bursting with joy and pleasure!

Now I’m not bragging (it’s not bragging if it’s true, is it?) but I can usually outlast just about any woman who wants to make me cum orally as long as she doesn’t employ the hand following the mouth technique. When she (they) gets that hand going right along with the up and down action of the mouth I am a short distance away from being able to sink the Titanic with a load that rivals porn stars. She always manages to sense the coming flood and picks up the pace. This is when my cock is at it hardest and the feeling is incredible. Most times, she will keep on pumping me as I let loose with a mass of nut mustard that would choke a horse if a horse knew how to give a blowjob. She gets a belly full of cum and I hang onto the headboard for dear life because I know the ride isn’t over yet.

She seems to take pleasure in keeping on me well beyond when my unit is overly sensitive and every movement upon it sends chills from head to toe. Playful little minx, she is. It’s only when she stops do I know the ride is about to hit overdrive. Why she loves to suck my balls after I cum is anyone guess. You could probably just blow on them and my balls are ready to run the retreat up into my chest. Before they can move, however, her mouth sucks onto them like a Dyson vacuum cleaner (never looses suction) and I laugh my head off. It tickles like mad. Is this normal? Anyway, it tickles something fierce and I hold on as long as I can to allow her that ball-sucking fix.

Recovery is slow after all that sucking and shooting, but sooner or later I manage to catch a glimpse of the clock and realize I should be walking out the door at that very moment and I know I will never ever make it to work on time. Reluctantly I drag my ass out of bed unless she has ideas about reciprocation in which case I pick up my cell and leave a message at work that I will be late. Power outage is the usual excuse, but even after a long, hot shower, I sense they can all see and smell the sex all over me as soon as I walk in.

On the other side of that equation, the 69 side, is my love of giving oral. For this I have to turn to a woman I met here on AdultFriendFinder. I won’t divulge her name out of respect for her privacy, but I don’t this she’d feel any shame or ill feelings knowing there is no other woman on this earth I’ve enjoyed giving oral to.

I met her on this site and after some heated flirting back and forth we agreed I would meet her at her place one early afternoon. I showed up and was immediately pleased to see her answer the door wearing a sheer negligee. I could see and smell that she was freshly showered as we shared a warm hug at the door. I would have been a total dumbass to miss the signals that she was ready to go. So was I.

We sat and talked for about 30 minutes and I felt the chemistry. A quiet moment in the conversation allowed me the opportunity to ask her which room was her bedroom. She got up, took me by the hand, and led me to her room.

I love foreplay. Did I mention that? Well I do, and we started off with a lot of hugging, caressing, and just feeling each other close as I began to kiss my way around her body. She has a great body too! She was ready for me and started undressing me as I continued to touch everything but the object of my oral affection.

My exact details are a bit fuzzy as was my head as it overloaded with pleasure. I do know that I discovered her shaved smooth and I wanted in. We assumed the 69 position and I began to feast in earnest on the most perfectly smooth delectable womanhood I have ever seen. I couldn’t get enough of her. She tasted clean and fresh (a very good thing) and she had a nice, fat protruding clit that drew my mouth like a magnet. I swear I must have stayed down there for at least 30 minutes without coming up for air. All the while she was doing a very good number on my cock with her mouth.

I think it was the only time in my life I was reluctant to fuck a woman with a pussy as good as hers. I didn’t want to stop with the oral but I could tell she wanted to get fucked. I slipped on a condom and dug into her like I meant it. Me on top, her on top, from behind, hanging over the edge of the bed…we dialed up all the positions and (oh yes) went back to oral for a good long time over and over again.

According to her statistics I helped her reach several orgasms and I still haven’t had enough of her smooth, delicious pussy. I want more! On my part, I blasted a very healthy load of cum, missed my mark, and gave her an eyeball shot. My bad! I was going to the classic open mouth porn shot cause I wanted to see me cum. I love to see me cum!
Oh yeah, I was talking about being late to work for love of oral. I was just thinking that it would be a nice way to end the workweek by getting a nice mouth to cock workout in the morning. I haven’t been late to work in months.

ruready. again.

rureadyagain06 56M

1/7/2006 9:04 pm

I wasn't late for work. As usual.

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