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8/21/2005 9:23 pm

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Enjoy it now

There is an interesting statistic in the paper today. I first learned this information years ago. It is one of the many reasons why I began to try to live as if today were my last day on earth. I say try because it is too easy to get caught up in the many distractions of living. This is also what contributes to my attitude that life is short and I will enjoy it while I can with pleasure at every turn.

Black men (that would be me) have the lowest life expectancy of any group in the country. In 2003, the CDC said black men had a life expectancy of 69.2 years compared to 75.4 years for white men.

I am 45, which means I have already lived about two-thirds of my expected life. A sobering thought.

Of course, my father is now 73 and my father's father lived for 90 years, so there are exceptions in my own family lineage that may (or may not) affect my own shot at immortality. I know we cannot live forever, and I know immortality is measured in memories and contributions to humanity. With that in mind, here are a few beliefs I hold about life and living...

Do what you have to do as fast as you can, so that you can do what you want to do as long as you can. This simply means quit crying, quit making excuses, do what you have to do and do it now. Then savior those free moments, some just for you, some to share.

Every day I wake up above ground is a good day. If you are not dead, it truly is a good day. This is why I don't have bad days. I have my moments, but as long as I’m alive and able to try, I’m going to make something good come from this day. Every day.

Find what you love, love what you find. What really needs to be said about this? Seek what you love and you will love what you seek. Look for the good in people and you will see the good. If all you do is look for look for problems, that is exactly what you will find.

There are many metaphors to good living and they all present us with reminders to enjoy today because there is no guaranteed tomorrow.

BenefitsFriend69 57M/60F

8/24/2005 4:02 pm

Great words to live by, thanks. I could add a lot to this but sometimes best to keep it simple.

I have heard that statistic for black men, sad, and let's hope it inches its way up. I wonder though, do you think the life expectancy statistic is the same for Rastafarians? I doubt it mon, no stress!!!

ruready4adark1 56M

8/25/2005 8:43 pm

BF, even if the stat is the same for our Rasta friends, I'm sure they don't care; no stress mon. I'm beginning to think (besides the big fat ones they seem to love smoking) they may have something worth another look see.

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