All night long  

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9/12/2005 3:31 pm

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All night long

It is well past 1:30am when I finally shut down my laptop and close her up for the night. I know if I head right to the bedroom I will toss and turn for hours, my head still swimming with words and images flashing before my eyes like a million pop up windows. I stretch out on the sofa and switch the television to the most inane programming I can find at this time of night, CSPAN. Twenty minutes of redundant political horseshit and I’m drifting, ready to walk the walk.

I switch on the small lamp on my side of the bed, plug in my cell, turn the ringer to silent, and set my alarm clock. The same routine I follow every night. Tonight I can feel her there, watching me undress. She pretends to sleep but I know she is watching, perhaps not with her eyes but she sees me. First the shirt then the pants and underwear. I always sleep naked, hoping beyond hope that my nakedness might inspire her to do something unusual, like want me.

I turn off the light and crawl into bed next to her. I know she is laying there wondering if maybe tonight I will say or do something to make things right. I wonder the same things myself, but I don’t say anything and neither does she. I don’t do anything and neither does she. I don’t know why. All night long.

rm_mustluvplus2 57F

9/12/2005 7:27 pm

I know the exact same thing....................

BenefitsFriend69 57M/60F

9/14/2005 11:09 pm

Dman ru. SO many nights like this in my marriage days. Trips me out..

ruready4adark1 56M

9/15/2005 10:53 am

On the flip side. . .

there are times in the middle of the night when all I have to do is feel the gentle movement of the bed, knowing she is there, and everything is right.

rm_mustluvplus2 57F

9/16/2005 3:52 pm goes both ways. There are times when all you WANT to feel is the gentle movement of the bed to know he/she is there......

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