The reality of the situation  

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1/24/2006 4:34 pm

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The reality of the situation

I don't watch porn. Sorry to disappoint. In fact, I think I've really only seen part of one. The most exposure I've had to that would be from watching Boogie Nights. I wouldn't say I'm a Dirk Diggler type of guy either - WOW! That would have been a much better screen name: Dirk Diggler. It's better than rundickrun06 (which is my hotmail account). But maybe I should make a movie about that - a parody of the title. I'm sure Run Dick Run could somehow be perverted into porn (or even NC-17).

Help me develop this now... what could that movie be about? A guy running around naked after swallowing a bit too much Viagra? Let's make him 80! That would be kinda funny. Or maybe it'd be about a woman that's training for a marathon and as an incentive, after running each mile she'd get sex, then she'd have to run another mile - see the pattern? run - dick - run, etc. Okay, I'm out of ideas.

What are you supposed to do with a blog anyways?

Why are there over 82,000 of them on AdultFriendFinder? Who really wants to read this garbage? Are we really that interesting? Aren't we all just here for sex - or the disillusionment that we'll be getting sex? I need to think about that a bit more...

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