Is this really that complex?  

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1/24/2006 4:32 pm

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Is this really that complex?

My last post made me wonder - what is it really that we think will come from this? I fantasize about the possibilites - I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But that's obvious - we all thought the same thing when we created accounts at AdultFriendFinder. Sex. Like sex, want sex, need sex. Not getting it, want it - really, really bad. At least that's my perspective. And remember, I'm a guy, so I'm a bit different from half of you - oh, wait! I forgot, this is AdultFriendFinder so actually there are really only about 23 women on this entire site. Real women that is. Oh I know, AdultFriendFinder would have us believe that there are 5 million woman subscribers - and 3.7 million of them live near your city (I know for a fact that about 344,000 of them live in Middletown, OH).

The truth is this though:

The other 4,999,977 are bots. You do know what bots are don't you? If you're a guy reading this you do. Those would be the computer generated (much like a virus) women that are phishing - primarily for your wallet. They promise the most obscenely torturous pics you've ever laid your eyes on - but only if you drop $29.99 a month first. Credit cards are gladly accepted (and don't worry because we'll bill it as "general merchandise" so your wife won't find out).

How do I know this? I dated one online for about a week. I wrote, she wrote. We were nearly in love, until I started to notice that her responses were all nearly identical - and her replies had nothing to do with what I wrote. I was heartbroken - I was never to trust a web service again... but here I am. I guess I'm over it - that was about 5 years ago so I've had time to heal. It was rough though. And the picture that she sent me (from the magazine she was scanned in from) was beautiful.

So do real women exist on here? There must be some hope or I wouldn't be typing all this.

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