He is so good on the inside, but?  

ruggedntenderaty 68M
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2/7/2006 9:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

He is so good on the inside, but?

I may hear that a hundred times a month, several times a week from ladies who are hanging around this town just so they can be close to their man who is in prison here. I seldom talk to them in person, but hear it all the time as they are explaining it to others at the store, hospital or in the parking lots. I seldom pay much attention now, but for awhile I did listen or go ask some about their man.. Well, he just acts out, or he just drinks or does drugs. Well, he just killed that one, or just got arrested one night when he was high or drunk.

I hear a form of the same stories of the women online. We want the inside, he is so good on the inside, he has a kind heart...on and on and on. What about his outside. I know the gentle heart was by passed cause he had a mood swing, or was drunk, or she pushed him to it, or or.. What the hell is his outside doing no matter what his inside seems to be. I assume from what I can best tell many murderers, abusers, thief's and lyers appear to have good insides and for sure wonderful words most of the time. Aren't you playing with fire messing with that inside when the danger is on the outside?

I really would like to know how women can even remotely think they understand the inside and why they ignore the outside many times picking the same insides over and over again and again?

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