Forget the Inside, Can we dare face the Outside?  

ruggedntenderaty 68M
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12/22/2005 11:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Forget the Inside, Can we dare face the Outside?

I have had my "chops or balls" "Stomped or Broken" by women for the almost 2 years I have been single about "It is all on the inside"! NO, not just one woman, BUT Many many women, in blogs, person, mail, and the magazine. I did learn and coin a phrase from a very beautiful woman lately... It is "Shallow Pig". I submit we are almost all "Shallow Pigs".

The inside is very easy.. If we have personality upheaval or clashes, we better stay away as we may face jail time or at least fights and discomfort. In fact we many times know we do not wish to talk, stay in the same room, county, state or even country with those we such personality disorder with. Check out the magazine, you will see those who should not even be on the same singles site together.

The inside to me is, One strike you are out. "We got it or we ain't." Words kill, destroy and finish the relationship off. Words demean us, our kids, and those around us. We can have the personality of a grapefruit and still be a wonderful understanding loving person, so the inside is very simple it seems to me.

The outside is much more complex I feel. It shows all of the inside for sure. It shows how we feel, how we think, and how we act. It shows how we care for our-self and our actions show how we treat others. It shows our insecurities and shame or our security in us. It shows our determination of discipline or lack of it. It shows us pleasing others, or being individual and our own person. It shows our agility, inquisitiveness, jealousy, lust, trust or mistrust. It shows if we are just a me me me, "it is all about me" person. It shows if we take so much time for others we have no time for "me", "us" or the "relationship". Do our friends or kids take all our time so we can never have a marriage? All that is shown on our outside I feel.

The outside is where we know if the actions or words will make a discomfort that will trigger dissension or hate from each other if we are 24/7 together. Can we wake in the morning and know we married our friend, lover and beauty, or will we awaken, looking and say OMG what did I do this time?

Will our lack of height, weight, hair, teeth, arms, legs or brain keep us from facing the other with pride? Will the extra height, weight, hair, teeth, arms, legs or brain power still let us be proud to walk down the street together? Will all that still let our insides be pretty or theirs seem as nice? Will our kicking cans, rocks, throwing sticks, barking at dogs, cats, men or women still let our inside be great? Will our sending toooo many or not sending any cards, flowers, gifts or pizza still let us be lovely on the inside? Can we live with each other naked and in the same bed? Can we love, kiss, hold, snuggle and make love together? Is that the inside?

No, it is not the outside others see, but the outside we see in each other that I feel counts. It is not someone else's 10 that makes our outside beautiful, but it is the outside we ourselves perceive in each other. If we can't live with each others outside, let's for sure not get into a marriage because of the beautiful inside. I want to be loved on the outside where I can feel some skin and enjoy the lovely kisses for sure. Yep, I want the outside and hope you do also.

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