What a lovely day.  

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10/25/2005 7:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What a lovely day.

I realized it seemed like rain for today, so I spent some of the night getting work done.. it was so warm with almost a mist in the air. The fog was gentle to almost non existent, which allowed one to see the sunrise. The day then opened with hardly a cloud in the sky.. All this is a bit rare here at the coast, so I take advantage of it many times.

By noon or early afternoon one could see the clouds rolling in, the cooler breezes started...just perfect to be done with work and think of traveling up the coast with a pretty lady.. Soon we started getting a gentle rain, and my mind wandered to how nice it would be to have a special lady to enjoy it all with. I was able to go down to the beach and take a slow walk with the mist of rain moving in and get back to the vehicle before the intensity got me beyond damp.

I then drove a bit into the trees and along the beach as the rain increased its strength.. again thinking how nice it would be to have someone. I thought of how great it would be to continue up the coast getting a cabin for the night or just find a turn around spot for a bit of snuggling and then returning home. All the time the rains vigor increased.

I got home in time to rush into the house without getting soaked.. I put on the coffee, and felt the damp cold start moving in. I clicked the in-box to read the mail. I clicked the Blogs... I let all things refresh as I got up to make a fire.. What a lovely night for a fire.. what a night to snuggle.. what a night for a warm bath and scented candle. what a night to think of love. The rains intensity could be heard on the windows, the fire warmed my bones, the love in my heart grew in warmth....but what was her name...where is she... who is she... God what a perfect day.. I know she also is sitting by her fire thinking what is his name, who is he, where is he.. She is thinking .. what a perfect day..

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