There once was a lady who was misunderstood.  

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10/21/2005 1:27 pm

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There once was a lady who was misunderstood.

She knew life could be so cool and kind. She wanted to feel safe in a search for love without looking for deceit and red flags between every line. This lady tried to answer with belief and shun the doubt, reading what was said and not what was thought, accepting what you see is what you've got.

She many times would hear they are not what they seem, nor are they what they say, but she would wonder who then can we believe anyway? She would stare at the screen and wonder if she was smart enough to figure all this out. OH, she knew she was of an OK IQ, but she felt at times she had no clue what to do. NO, not bars, not places of ill repute, but instead just one guy who might be a bit astute.

Was it on line, or was there a chance. Was she fooling herself thinking of romance. Was it stupid to say can we take a walk and talk the day away. Can we see if there is a click, a spark or chemistry and if not, just be on our way. She wondered if maybe she could even kiss and have some fun, and then two accept they might not be the one.

She almost shut off the computer in despair, and then thought...One more time I will try to chance seeing who is out there. She with fervor searched and read a few words, chancing looking at pictures for those in her area. She one more time wrote the letters and sent the winks putting behind her the words of "Love Stinks". She with determination decided to meet a few who were close and to chance that walk to look in their eye. One more time she knew she would try, quickly meeting and accepting in a few minutes it might be a good bye.

She wrote and said perhaps we can meet... no expectations, but instead a chance at something to do, and chance for me and you. She also said why should we sit here lonely when we can talk, walk and know we are alive. She added, who knows, you might be the one for me, and me for you. Are you willing to give it a chance, what do we do?

The letters were sent, and off to work she went. Perhaps tonight she will have some to meet, perhaps she will have several to delete. Perhaps she will be misunderstood, perhaps she will have a bunch saying no. But what if, just what if she has one who seems oh so so right, what if they can talk way into the night. What if they find they are not mean or cruel, but instead ones who can get it together. God she thought of how nice it might be to snuggle during the rainy weather.

She knew tonight she would slip on her nice skirt, fix her make up and sit down with hope. She knew she had found the "new you" and now she was so so positive what to do.. Yep, a new day, a new hope, a new way to face more days on line again. One more day she understood.

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