I just love the fog, mist and rain.  

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7/15/2005 9:25 am

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I just love the fog, mist and rain.

This morning, as many mornings, I was able to be out working in the fog as the I watched the sunrise. Today we had a light fog or no mist to speak of compared to many mornings, so it was kinda nice and a bit drier.

I so enjoy the mist or rain on this coastal area as coming from Colorado we seldom had that. Oh yes, I enjoy the sunshine which we get half a day of here several months a year, but we also at least have the fog if not a light rain. We also have about 6 months of rain which I love. Even in the winter rainy season we do seem to get a couple hours break with sunshine every couple days or so, so it seems all is good. heheee

This very morning I enjoyed so much knowing was in one of the more beautiful spots of the earth and I was able to just enjoy it, but I then felt the desire to be sharing it with a good women.. OH maybe a bad girl at times, but my lovely woman that I am so so ready for.

I searched me and realize I am so complete with out anyone, and that it would be more work and less freedom to just go and come at odd hours to work as I please, but I ask was I ready? I then ask why in the hell would I even consider the disruption of my simple life that has little need other than a better job.

Why would I even consider the extra drama that a couple has in a household compared to a single. I ask was I needy? NO I do not need it, but yet to fill that hole in my heart there is a need I think. Do I want it, a woman? In some ways no, but I do wish the enhancement we could be to each other. But to wish the work a marriage can be? To be willing to accept it for what it adds though..YES Then I realized...If she was able to walk the beach with me at sunrise, if we were able to snuggle, hug and kiss. If we were wishing to do more or run home to jump in bed for a blessed start to our day. If we were able to drive up the coast just talking and basking in each others goodness, that is what I am ready to have. Yes I am ready to share the joys that we can have alone.

Miss right, now is a great time to write right now as the time to me seems so so right. Yep that is what a sunrise can do to ya for sure. hehehee

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