A few tears for Ole Dad!  

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8/7/2005 8:45 pm

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A few tears for Ole Dad!

What a lovely morning as I was out working.. The sun tried to split the fog ever so lightly and the cool mist was around making breathing and thinking easy as I paused to stare towards the ocean. Then it hit me, I send my baby home to Momma in a few days... Oh yea, he is almost 14, yea he is almost a big as I am, yea he is a young man, but he is still my baby heheheee...
The lonely feeling almost over took me, I took a minute to sit down and just let a few tears roll.

Yep, divorce is hard on kids. Yes it it tough her being on the east coast and me being on the west. Sure if he had to choose between us he could or would, but I do not work that way at this time. When she left over a year ago, my son went with her, knowing we would get him back to me and discuss how when and for how long etc. When the grades did not pan out at the start of school on the east, and when he and mom had a bit to much conflict we decided for him to come be with me and I would do home school, BUT with a return date for him to get east to start school this year. That time has almost arrived. We about maintained the B average I had requested, but had to do a math summer school at my son's acceptance to get him to speed for the new year.

Yep, Ole Dad has had a few damp eyes as he thinks of it all. Yes my son has some mixed feelings on some days, but of course wants to see mom. It is hard on kids for sure for sure.. At one point when he learned mom was going to have a baby he for sure wanted to be right there, now that he knows she is getting another apartment, he for sure is happy it is about time to go help, Yep it is tough on the kids torn with who needs them the most, but we will make it through this one for sure hehehee.. for sure.. Thank you for letting me share.

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