Lovely Erica's Bad Intentions  

ruebenez 66M
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1/14/2006 1:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lovely Erica's Bad Intentions

Got back here today for the first time in almost a month. Had some weird things happen this week. Met a girl named Erica, a lost soul I took to an island where she could find herself and maybe get a grip on her just ended bad relationship with someone she wanted to do violent things to. She mentioned that she was a nice girl, but he made her feel like she wanted to beat his face to a pulp, elbow him in the throat, and deliver a swift kick to his jaw effectively breaking the same. After she maimed him she wanted to stand over him cussing him out, and calling him everything her inventive mind could come up with. She wanted to remind him what a worhtless, pathetic, obnoxious, miserable, creep he turned out to be. She wanted to tell him just how she felt about him at that exact moment, and to hold nothing back. She wanted to let him know how she felt he had wasted all the time they spent together that she could have used for more important things now that their relationship was no longer a priority in her life, and he was now a question mark, soon to become no more than a period ending the sentence describing their time together. She was furious that she had wasted so much time on a man who turned out to be the same kind of loser she had been trying to avoid but never seemed to be able to. She now knew that he was the kind of creep she was warned about by several of her past unsatisfactory encounters, but apparently she had more to learn, and hadn't yet fully grasped the lesson here. She just wanted to see him seriously in pain, and wanted to be the one administering it. That's all she cared about at this point in time. she needed to get him out of her system, and giving him a severe beating would satisfy that, and she could then walk away with no regrets. So here she was once again hoping she didn't wake up from this with a hangover.

caressmewell 53F

1/14/2006 7:12 am

I don't know that I would want to hang out with her...

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