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1/25/2006 6:33 pm

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webcaming I

I am getting a big head (no not that one right now the one with the pea brain) I've been on the "girls watching guys cum site" as an exhibitionist. Well you know it's something I've always felt I was: an exhibitionist.
And I can not believe that all my 'viewers' with the exception of the males (yes somehow I attract them too, but I must say they are exceedingly complimentary!) are usually below the age of 35. In fact (now I guess I'm boasting so please forgive me)today I had 4 under 25 and one 19yr old. I even asked her if she should be viewing this! Nearly all gave me 4.5 and 5 ratings...and 2 right away emailed me for my home made cum video.
Ok, nuff said. One (no name mentioned) said she thought that I was hot and really turned her on and that she really liked older guys and thought I was very good looking) Now does that blow my mind or what?
What's this all about? A Feel good performance.
I know that I can just about cum on command or not command, as I've sort of 'trained' myself over the years no matter how excited I get and want to cum NOT TO CUM. Guys, this is critical.
I used to do a mastrubation practice: Jack that babe up to a frenzy near explosion and STOP. Let it cool but no go soft and do it again and again and again. Frankly I'd do this (while working on other projects at my desk) for probably the better part of 2 hrs.
It taught me to HOLD.
Why is this important: Simple I'm not the object of the sex. SHE IS!! If you don't please her in all regards in my humble opion IMHO, you're not going to be asked back for a second run at election.
So my blog is, once again to the younger guys:
Learn to control that thing. Make absolutely certain you can hold until she is really gone over the edge..several times. Yes, they can and then sometimes even after the 'big one' (like us) they can do it again. (where as we need a little break from the action to 'recharge' the tanks).

Try something different with her: after the back massage and foot rub...start licking her feet while she's on her belly. It'll really start something with her I guarantee it. If she's up for it...try rimming's chancy but I know after you've been performing's only a lick away for her. It might surprise her but I'm nearly positive it will be an immediate acceptance...

Oh the image: Susanna and Elders...lusty old guys...after the young thing

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