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12/18/2005 5:53 pm

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more from the ladies....

"Something involving technique: "The longer the foreplay, the better the sex." "Naughtiness is a must." "It really doesn't matter how big it is -- it just matters how you use it." "Jackrabbit sex is a no." "Girls do not like to be jackhammer-fucked all the time." "Try yoga poses." "The pump-and-swivel." "The Texas Twist." "Throw a girl on the bed and do her from behind while tickling the front." "Learn to switch positions in bed without your dick falling"

Here's some other things guys:" Selfishness: "I hate it when he comes too quick and I haven't gotten mine." "Guys shouldn't fall asleep right after sex, because we girls know that those few minutes you took to come could not have made you that tired."

Further In chatting with many gals who've had lots of sex...(I've been sort of luck here guys)
Noxious fumes: "There is nothing worse than a guy who farts in bed."
Amateurism: "I hate that gay look guys give when they know they're about to have sex." "Breast groping -- it doesn't do what you think it's doing."
Bad communication: "Dirty whispering -- I feel like I'm being molested by a pedophile." "Talking about feelings." "Asking for blow jobs. If I want to give one, I will."
Uncleanliness: "Bad breath." "Scratching their balls."
Rushing: "I hate no foreplay."
Getting nailed: "It really irritates me when a guy is fingering you and he hasn't clipped his nails."
These notes are from Playboy, which I fully concur upon, rudy

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