's a must!!  

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3/17/2006 11:44 am's a must!!

Seems that this is a chore for some guys. One of my 21 yr old (met her while doing a little strip web show S*)"on line" girl friends,is a substitue teacher from the West who is just getting her groove going...if you know what I mean *S* mentioned that sex is not complete without him licking her pussy. But he has not gone down on her. She is asking me why? Some guys try and such, but another long time girl friend. Christina has really enlightened me on this magical sexual techinque. I'd like to share some of her teachings...and also try to understand why Brian is reluctant to lick Ms. Mandi's cute pussy.

First, that pussy is not unlike your cock guys. It has areas that are more sensitive and less senstitive. Remember that. It's also not something you just plung into with your face. Gentle licks, like as if you're licking an icecreame cone. Don't 'stay' on one lick area. Move around slowly...and stay away from the clitorus at first. Tease her with those licks. And lick the whole area of her outer labia.

I have watched as most of us, females licking pussy in porn. I asked Tina what she thought: "Frankly Rudy, the way the gals are flicking their tounges back and forthe and sort of slapping the clit area is not really where it's at." "It's more of a slow sensual lick, up and down the whole area..with a once in a while lick near and around the hood of the clit..*S*)

Kewl! I went down on her right away for some further experiementing, thinking to myself about the 'failed' blowjobs I've had. Some gals just run their head back and forthe on the cock like it's a post, not sensualy licking it like an icecreame cone! This is far more sensual, thinking of not 'numbing' or irritating the pussy (or cock for that matter) and at the same time sliding a finger into that now very liquid pussy...

More on this I've got work to do *S*

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