Why do we need it?  

rudysart2 59M
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1/2/2006 1:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why do we need it?

Seems that all my life I've been consumed with sexual thoughts..On the job, in the grocery store (looking at the sexy MILF's) and certainly right here.

Well, it's normal folks. And some think it more than others but what it gets you is simple: anticipation.

What? anticipation? Yes! Sex in my world is certainly a build up of thoughts and visual images. Images are and have been attributed to 'mens' sex. Well damnit I'm a man. And I like to look at images both in print,digital and best in real life!!

What type of images ladies? Here's a secret: When in general public the best you'll get (unless you're at a beach or a nudsit resort) is some upper breast and wrists, along with legs. Ah yes, legs. And feet! This makes an incredible distinction between the sexes: what the women wearon their feet.
From ancient times (Greeks/Egyptian and even Judean) the sandaled foot was shown or not shown depending on her social class and status.
Today, we're in a fortunant moment when we as men are able to view some very sexy female footware!
And ladies if you're not tuned in: I'd even go for the 'not so gorgeous gal in some damn sexy CFMP's than the one that is considered cuter or slightly better looking wearing combat boots...yeah this is so...ask most any guy.
To whit, one day some time back in a more warmer month like July I was standing in line at the post office when in front of me was a fashionable gal in very strappy sandals with a nice heel. Oh to be truthful she was cute but rather thin. I mean nearly bone thin. But damn she had some hot looking arches on those female feet and very nicely shaped 'Greek' (see inset photo) toes.
Well I could not stand it and had to tell her how nicely dressed she was. That was it!
To cut to the quick of it, the next day we met and that is my next installment. (How we fucked and sucked as I drove her off the bed with my tounge licking and sucking her toes!!)

spyderoak2 55F

1/20/2006 10:17 am

I think most men are very visual. I would have to say I am that way as well, more on a reduced level compare to men. I get aroused by looking at mens cocks, toned bodies, sexy eyes,but I dont think that is what sends me over the edge. I have to see a mans personality, if he can make me laugh, if he can carry on a conversation. I even love looking at women, sometimes more so. Women can be so erotic, their bodies so smooth and sexy. Their pussies shaved and moist. Its all good!! LOL

If a man passes me in the store,I look first at the mans eyes, his face, then his chest and arms. Then I work my way down to his crotch and wonder what that is like...giggle, but only if the rest intrigued me!

rudysart2 59M

1/21/2006 6:16 pm

Without a doubt Spyderoak2 you're the unusal senstive and artistic female. I've certainly met a few but not many have the visual angle down. Mostly I've found women who after the 'initial visual inspection of approval' needing quite a bit of emotional reassurance that they're going to come out on top (pun intended)!
I find that my general style is to sincerely appreciate women and frankly to chat up their good qualities (both visual and psyche) before anything should even begin to happen. Sex as you probably would agree is far more than just fucking.

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