We met for the 1st time last week...and oh my oh my!!  

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12/26/2005 1:39 pm

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We met for the 1st time last week...and oh my oh my!!

Finally, the day came. We'd been emailing and now finally that day. I had to keep my mind on the road as I traveled across I-94 heading West. The 2 hour drive melted as I listened the soft steamy sounds of jazz coming from the CD. I thought of what we'd do when we were alone and how I'd stroke her legs and go down on her pussy. Thinking of the soft inner thighs a woman has and how they will feel to my nicely shaved face.
It was a surprise to actually see her. More than I had expected. Really quite gorgeous and well dressed in the leather waist length car coat and matching pink scarf. Oh my I thought can't wait to see you in nothing but bra and panties.

Well to make a wonderful story a bit shorter: after lunch we went to the Holiday Inn up the road and I checked in, called her from the room and met her at the door...

So did we have a great time? Oh yes. Licking and stroking her for the next few hours I know that after several orgasms she was nearly spent. Me, on the other hand...hoping for the completion of a wonderful blow job she'd started earlier as I pulled her off my cock to insert it deep in to her pussy creating a wonderful moaning desire deep in her soul...

Needless to say as she sucked and nibbled my cock into ecstasy drinking the cum in shear pleasure as I exlpoded into her mouth...

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