The real life store dressing room sex...  

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1/21/2006 7:05 pm

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The real life store dressing room sex...

It was a warm Summer day and I'd taken off from my normal lunch hour in Downtown at our Corporate cafeteria to visit a vintage clothing store that was located just off a beautiful park setting. I'd met the proprietor about a week earlier at the post office but never at her shop. I had been attracted to her as she wore sexy heels and I could tell a slip like undergarment that was not originally meant to be worn without the skirt over! That first week we had a one time triste at her appartment of delicous sex,with her dressed in vintage 30's or 40's lingere and heels. Oh my cock was throbbing just thinking about the previous Wednesday afternoon.
Well today I knew I didn't have much time however enough to say 'hi' and chat about possibly our next affair. And I wanted to buy some hose!

Maryanne was busy helping a customer when I came in, racks of blouses and skirts in the front of the store and jewelry/accessories along the side wall to the right. On the left were the dressing rooms and attached sewing/alteration room.
As I approached the accessory and jewelry counter her assistant asked if she might help me. I mentioned that the last time I was in I didn't have a chance to purchase some genuine nylons that were now an antique and not available.

Taking the different packages she began showing me the individual sheer quality of the hosiery and it's welt and other subtle nuances. As we chatted and I could detect the fine aroma of her perfume gently mixed with slight aroma of new stockings. Almost immedaitly I began to feel my maleness rearing his nasty little head.
Just about this time over came Ms. Maryanne and we three chatted about the denier and such of the hosiery. I jokingly commented that I'd really need to see it modeled! "Well that'd be a pleasure Rudy!" said Maryanne (I thought oh yeah! for sure...uh never) (I thought further well her appartment!)
The phone rang at that moment and her assistant dashed off to the far end of the counter to answer as Maryanne said "Wait a minute here and I'll be in the sewing room for a moment as I forgot that I have the iron plugged in."
As I twiddeled my thumbs and decided which hose to buy for my 'friends', my cock got just a bit stiffer thinking of meeting up with Maryanne later: Her dressed in nothing but sexy pumps and stockings with a garter belt.

In another moment she stuck her head out from the curtain of the dressing room (while her assistant was still quite busy on the phone) and said "Rudy come over here I want to show you something I made."

Oh my I thought some beautiful creation as I knew this lady to be talented with thread and needle. As I pulled back the curtain, here was Maryanne in nothing but, garter,chemise the nylons I'd chosen, and some sexy open ankle/toe spectator pumps. Sexy strappy pumps! My cock nearly burst out of my pants before I could remove shorts I'd already started licking her pussy. We went on for the next 20 minutes just licking and sucking until her assistant ( I could hear her speaking to another customer who had just entered the store) finally said "Oh Maryanne, could you help me with this blouse's price?" As I could hear the clip clop of her heels on the wood floor approaching the curtain which held two lovers locked in a sexual pose,(I'd picked her up and actually placed her down onto my cock and she wraped her nylon clad legs around my waist. I'd lift her and plunge her back onto my hot slick engored shaft..just ridning me like a merry go round, up and down....
In a nearly choked voice Maryanne said "Candance, it is 20% off the marked tag" and the clip clop of her heels stopped short of the curtain. Sweat beading down my chest and my heart in my throat, I
about came right there. In another moment Maryanne was climaxing and I could feel mine approaching without stop...the liquid cum she'd squirted onto my cock gave me a boost of sexual pleasure like I have never felt again!

We both hurriedly dressed...and I went back to work....a bit wrinkled but very aroused.


slidein2meplz 61F
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1/21/2006 7:55 pm

Very nice...Mr. Rudy...and welcome to Blogland. I hope a lot of men will come and read your posts. You've a lot to share on how to treat and seduce a woman. I can tell just from the little bit I've read.

Well done.

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

rudysart2 58M

1/22/2006 9:08 pm

TY Slidin2pleaseme!
Again, I thank you for your kind words. The idea has finally arrived that "yes, I know a few more things than when I was". However truth be known: I always want my 'lady friends' and female partners to not only cum first but taking her time...and on her terms.
I know a lot of my contemporaries just don't understand that more than a few young ladies just don't 'cum' on command like a guy does!
luv rudy

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