Really it's about how you use it and lick it (pussy)  

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12/20/2005 5:22 pm

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Really it's about how you use it and lick it (pussy)

OK, I'm not MR. LUVER, but I can honestly tell you that when you're going to get laid guys, listen up:

What they want is foreplay foreplay foreplay and then...kissing and teasing BEFORE you go for the shaved kitty.

Take the time to TALK to them, tell the lady how pretty she is and what she wore today was hot,cute,nice etc. Honestly sometimes us (guys) are so dick oriented that we only want to poke that thing in there without any honey.

And learn to lick around her pussy, nibble her inner thigh, run your fingers just along the tops of her thighs...very softly..and lick in non boring repetitive movements. Not to fast either! you'll burn out the little clit (or big clit!) Don't lick on it too long either it's like the head of your cock. Remember: tease it..and gently with clean and nail clipped fingers insert when well lubed from your mouth or just her juices (best) then you know she's ejoying it.
Take your time before you slide that cock in. And when you do, don't start jack hammering her! Maybe later she'll want that action..hard and deep. But at's slow and teasing..

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