Narcissus and Echo...(her)  

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2/6/2006 5:10 pm

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Narcissus and Echo...(her)

Although Narcissus and Echo still live in myth, the thought occurs that all to often today many of us are totally caught in the web of narcissism not unlike those in Hollywood.

Do you think that You are the center of it all? Well I must say it does take maturity to look at one self and realize that passage of time from the days when all we though of were 'ourselves' and what we could get out of the deal.

Frankly too much of a good thing certainly spoils faster in the sunlight than shade. So with that in mind be certain to think of ways to please that special lady in your life.

I know full well that she really would like a simple rub down and some sex on her terms. What are 'her' terms...

Try spoiling her, as I guarantee that you'll get it back in more ways than one.

Did you know that Echo, watched and felt sorry for Narcissus as she repeated his cries of woe and his last farewell. At his death the nymphs of the waters and forest wept and Echo sounded their laments. In the Underworld Narcissus gazed at himself in the waters of the river Styx. On earth his body had disappeared and in its place was a yellow flower with white petals in the center.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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2/6/2006 5:45 pm

I liked that, even if its a sad ending. Thank you for writing it.


2/6/2006 6:01 pm

lovely insight

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

rudysart2 58M

2/7/2006 7:27 pm

Dear Ladies St T and Mofun,
Sadly enough Narcissus was spoken of by Nemesis as 'critic'. His mother had asked a soothayer if Narcissus would live a long life and the reply was that if he would if he did not covet his own love more than that of others...yet sadly this is where Nemesis entered in.
Do we all have a Nemesis? Sometimes in our quest for love, sex, finance or just ego stijubg we have so much in our way that we will not reach the goal simply because of our own Nemesis.
And frankly when it comes to sex, let me tell you another little story which is true:
My long time friend, Christina who has been married more than 3 times had confided in me as her 'buddy' over the years that when she 'wanted it' 'he' (or most all of 'em) were not that responsive to HER needs or if in fact they 'got hard' ....all they really wanted was to get themselves off..and 'fuckher'..litearally. But again the first idea was to get themselves off. This is sad. I also must tell you of my long ago affair with a beatiful nurse from a world renown hosptial in the city. I met her and her roomie in a popular watering hole in Detroit one evening. After chatting the usual chat, it turned to sex (ok what else?) I could not believe that Mirriam told me that her 'divorce' after a relatively short 'marriage' was also due to the fact that she never once climaxed with her former husband. Well in further chatting and a promise to see her again soon (we'd been making out in the parking lot...just a tad..though) I told her that if we ever had sex I'd promise to be her gentleman scratching post...meaning that what ever it takes I'd make sure she 'came first'.
We got together right after her shift at the hospital the next eve. I met her at her appartment. And after a few drinks and a lot of laughs and chat, we got into the 'sex'mode.
I do not like to rush anything, let alone foreplay. Foreplay is totally essential. Hey face it pal, you're going to get laid here! So why rush the babe? Take your time, smell the perfume along the way, terry and stop for a bit to 'breath'.

PS, the next date (although we had sex that night) she climaxed so much I thought I was 'hurting' her!!

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