It's full summer and...  

rudysart2 58M
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8/1/2006 6:17 pm
It's full summer and...

Now that the little poll has only taken 3 comments I just wanted to echo what the last fellow mentioned:
There is a lot of BS and bunk out there. So if you're really into getting on with a sexual encounter, what has worked for me is doing some cam shows.
Beleive it or not I've hooked up 2 x with gals.The first gal, from out of town was wonderful and In fact I'm going to see her on a regular basis each time I vist NC.
My second encount is this week. We've chatted on the phone and done a bunch of email. So she's hot and wants hot sex and so do I!

Again, seems that you've (both male and female) got to work on get it going.
Have fun,
remember be a gentleman or a is always the nicest thing to do!
luv rudy

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