Just ingnore * Such an easy world and an easy way out*  

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7/26/2005 10:52 pm

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Just ingnore * Such an easy world and an easy way out*

This is an email that i reasived after my post on emails...From the person who had added that last drop..but this person is not to be blamed for filling the cup..but today i say to him THANK-YOU !!..
I have received emails after the post stating that not to pay att..and i cant change the world... and on how ppl think...and act..and that if wrigting this post would change ones self well i was nieve..Well let me tell you this..I'm not the nieve one here...and i also received many positives ones as well..for those *thank you!!*
You see we hide away with thoughts on *Why should i say anything its not going to change* well thats CRAP..How do you think were so deep in it.. cause ppl dont speek out..I'f we all can change just one person's thought from hundreds.. you know that you have done a good thing and you can smile at that as that person will change another it's a chain reaction that ends with a positive filling of accomplishment**Well I Have That Smile Today* and it fills great
This email is my smile i have deleted the name as of respect...
> >Sender:
> >To: rubby68
> >Date: Jul 26, 2005 6:30 PM EDT
> cant say how much your
word's meant. i'm a worried boy, cant type cant spell and it sadden me
that this is not going the way i would like it to.
After I read your responce and look at the pic's again I did NOT see
the same you that I saw the frist time.
What I did see ( and read ) was much diff, I saw you as a women that
felt good about herself .When it came time to understand your word's it
felt so if you are a wonderful person and that is more than any body can
ask for. omg I just started crying...

> > Sender: rubby68
> >To:
> >Date: Jul 26, 2005 9:17 PM EDT
>It takes a man to admit he is wrong..and you have done so..that is a start..
> > Sender:
> > To: rubby68
> > Date: Jul 26, 2005 10:52 PM EDT
> >
you are an ANGEL..never in a million years i would have thaught after the email i have sent you..you would have been so forgiven..THANK YOU..The man that gets your heart will be a lucky one..Once again THANK YOU seems realy not enaugh..I am smiling today something i havent done in a long time and it fills warm and good..
So I hope you take this thaught with you and the next cup of coffee,,dinner date or party,,that insted of bitching about this and that try to think about a way to fix it...I bet would have better results on putting that energy somewere were its needed........ON EARTH....This is the reason i dont just ingnore it....
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