personal purgatory  

rtm9705 42M
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7/11/2006 1:25 pm
personal purgatory

oh woe is me naw too melodramatic what a clusterfuck is a little better if you are reading this it is just another rambling and pointless verification of my lack of social skills trying to figure out what to do on a rainy piss poor day and all i want to do is sit here and blab to nameless faceless non existent people on the plus side it's gotta to be 5:00 somewhere and if it is where you are may the sun shine down and a dog not piss on your shoe. there are many thoughts on what kind of people are on here and i would say from my experience some very nice ones and some extremely shy ones or they are just ignoring me if that is the case their loss and i keep moving on with my eternal quest for more knowledge and info on the wonderful state of human beings both here in mn. and elsewhere if you are from out of state and reading this send me a note always like to talk to new people. only thing is please be intelligent and have something to say doesnt have to be poetic or prophetic but something other than what's up would be nice( by the way my response to that one is always ME!!!!!)

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