great monday morning to you  

rtm9705 42M
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7/31/2006 6:54 am
great monday morning to you

well it is another monday morning here in wonderful hot sweaty minnesota. actually had a fairly good weekend and enjoyed the hot weather so all in all it was alright just here this morning putting down some verbage to say hey there hope everyone is taking care and not killing each other. tweaked out on caffeine this morning sitting here enjoying my morning coffee and thinking hey you know what life is good.... hope that you all feel the same way even with the stupid people of the world to piss you off you can still take time and thank god,buddha whoever that the life you lead is the life you choose and although you may not always get what you think you should you at least get what you deserve so like i said before i am usually an upspirited person i just use this avenue to vent my frustrations out and being as i do not have one to vent today you all have a good day and come back anytime you want and we will sit on the front porch and jaw some more.

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