I want to get together with several hot hard guys and please them  

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7/6/2005 1:12 am

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I want to get together with several hot hard guys and please them

they had me bend over the edge of the bed, as he was working his thick 8 incher in my wet mouth said to his partner "this is a little fire cracker we have here, you should feel this"

his partner rubbing my wet hole said "what a fuckable little bubble butt ass", then the pain as the head of his 9'er slid in (ooh it HURT SO GOOD ) said "you should feel this. he is a little fire cracker and this is so sweet"

it was soooo good as their hot cum ran down my mouth and all over my face

I love to party, it gets me very submissive.
I used to love to get picked up walking down the street or hanging at a bus stop. These guys would come by, "want a ride" and of course thats what I wanted. They would take me back to their place, get me stoned, and of course when that happen, I would just get so hot and horny and show them what hot sex was. I miss that.

I am still a bottom type and love to get high, it still gets me very hot and submissive and I love to show off what pleasure I can give.

I imagine a guy picking me up and going back to his place, then he asks me if it is ok call up a couple of friends to come over. Hummm, (of course). He tells me to go in the bedroom and put on hose and this silk nightie and come out when they get there. He give me a little gift to get in the mood. I hear the door open and other voices and he calls my name. They are sitting around the couch smoking a dube, he introduces everyone. I see the looks, and get so hot. I also see the bulges and get even hotter. Pointing he says there is a little something for you on the table on the mirror(humm i really feel like a slut now, cool) he knows what it does to me as I am dressed. While standing up, I bend over and rest my arms on the table, with my ass up in the air, my nightie is hiked up and they get a hot view, and do my little gift,My legs look so good in the hose and I can feel them looking at my ass i come back over to the couch smiiling, they rub my legs and cupp my ass and smile. As I sit down on the couch with them around me, he gives me some poppers, wow now I am really hot. they reach over and pinch my nipples ( they are getting so hard). One stands up and his pants come down, reveling a huge 8 with a throbbing head. As the other 2 are picnching my nipple and rubbing my legs I look up, smile and take the 8 into my hot wet mouth. I begin to take it all the way down. The next thing I know, it that I have huge cock every where, man i am loving it.

Well what is a little slut to do, I take them all down and please them so sluttly good.

email in minneapolis area rthot7 "at" hotmail.com I can't use the at sign

rthot7 60M
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6/9/2006 5:59 am


rthot7 60M
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6/10/2006 6:21 am

Thats the sound I made as I am taking your hot hard cock down my hot wet mouth

rm_tekwit 62M

7/3/2006 7:24 am

Very hot description of your fantasy... I am only one man, but I would be willing to work with others if you try to make this cum true!

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