sensual massage  

rsparr 42M
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4/23/2006 7:18 pm
sensual massage

I used to give my ex-wife sexual massages as foreplay. I would love to find someone to enjoy them.

A good place to start is to have you laying on your back, draped or not depending on the temperature and your modesty. Starting with the lower legs . . . gently kneading and streaching the muscles. Then the arms and hands . . . and moving on to gently carressing the head, face, and neck. Next you would turn over. I would massage your lower legs again . . . arm and hands . . . and neck. While standing close stradling your head, I would start to work on your back . . . drifting farther and farther down your back . . . until I am massaging your buttock. Then I would switch and stratle your legs and massage your back, buttock, and upper thighs. Streching out with my body coming into contact with your on the long strokes to your upper sholders . . . my erect cock and balls coming into contact with your backside. I would pull back and massage the small of your back and buttock. I would pull back and massage your upper thighs . . . higher and higher . . . until I was your massaging vaginal lips.

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