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5/30/2006 2:30 am

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The Italian says, "When I've a finished a makina da love withah my
wife, I go down and gently tickle the back of her knees, she floats
6 inches above a da bed in ecstacy."

The Frenchman replies. zat is noting, when Ah've finished making
ze love with ze wife, Ah kiss all ze way down her body, and zen Ah
lick za soles of her feet wiz mah tongue, and she floats 12 inches
above ze bed in pure ecstacy.

The redneck says, "That aint nothing. When I've finished porkin
the ole lady, I git out of bed, walk over to the winder and wipe my
weener on the curtains. She hits the freakin' ceiling!"

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5/30/2006 4:05 am


Purry {=}


roxyanddoubled 48M/48F

5/30/2006 2:27 pm

Hello sexy, would be nice to meet up with you someday.... But, your too far away......

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