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8/16/2005 9:43 am

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i dont eve know hoe to explane what in the hell is makeing me stick around. ok heres the story. i dont normaly where my hair down that often. and when i hung out with him he loved it. the next day he got mad at me because i was brushing my hair. some how i gave him bad thoughts and he started to think i was brushing my hair for some one els. how do i react to that.


10/25/2005 5:25 am

I'm no doctor Phil, but it sounds to me like you're asking the wrong questions. If he isn't treating you right, and it sounds like he isn't, then you need to get rid of him and stop obsessing about it.

About him thinking you let your hair down for someone else, well that's just insecurity. Maybe he's the one who's feels guilty about stuff he's done to you and is criticizing you because he feels that you are doing the same thing he did. Ok, that was worded horribly, but the point is if he doesn't treat you right dump his ass and move on.

Best of luck,
I'd chat with you anytime.

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