A Hot Night  

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8/16/2005 6:27 pm

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A Hot Night

Well, finally met a guy off of here yesterday. We were getting along fine until the conversation turned hot.

I was laughing at something he said, when he abruptly turned the conversation to sex and bedroom activities. I am decidedly not comfortable with discussing these "activities" with someone I've just met, but I let it go. I figured it was time I come out of my shell a bit when it comes to sex. I began answering his questions.

After about 3 or 4 of his explicit inquiries, I was getting quite red in the face, but I still let it go, thinking I needed to be open-minded.

I walked out of the room to get a glass of iced water when he was suddenly behind me. The closeness of this man (who already knew alot about me, when I didn't know a darn thing about him) had my kitty purring, begging for his touch.
As he pressed up against me, I could feel him hardening in his jeans. Trying to conceal my smile, I got my drink and walked back into the living room to sit on the couch.

Mean, I know, but sometimes a bit of teasing before getting to what he obviously wanted can go a long way for a woman. (You know what I mean, ladies)

He walked up behind me on the couch and began lightly running his fingers across my neck. I immediately felt my kitty growing wet with my excitement as he slowly teased my throat, moving down my collar bone, around to my back and down, down, down...

He slowly teased the small of my back with his fingertips before running his fingertips over my sides and tummy before lightly brushing them over my kitty and suddenly pulling back. Oh, she was purring at this man's touch!!!

I ached for more, but he teasingly resumed our conversation, leaving me very flustered. I politely answered his questions, until he asked me if I had any questions of my own I would like to ask him. One thing popped into my mind - "Would you just shut up and f**k me NOW?"

He could tell what was on my mind, and laughed. He knows I love being teased, but after as long as I've been without getting screwed, teasing was not on my Top 10 list for the night...<lol>

He asked about my lingerie, bras & panties, and asked what I preferred. "Lace matching sets" I answered. He asked what color, to which I replied with my favorites. He wanted to know what I was wearing at the moment. OMG, I wanted to rip my clothes off right then and there for him to see what I was wearing, and get him to take the darn things off of me and just F**K ME!!!...but somehow I restrained myself.

He began massaging my neck and back again, and when he got closer and closer to my purring kitty, I began running my hands over and around his bulge in his pants. I couldn't help myself, I had to have him. It was really hot in the house, and we were sweating. As our breathing quickened, I suggested we head for the shower, something that would cool us both off during our playtime. He readily agreed.

We made it into the bathroom, but barely. Clothes thrown all over the floor as we stripped each other...His touch was electric on my skin as his hands explored every inch of my body, pleasing and teasing, sucking my nips, fingering me in the process and teasing my clit until I almost exploded, but instead I dropped to my knees.

I had seen his gorgeous, thick cock bobbing up and down, beckoning me to taste its sweetness. I gladly licked up and down the shaft, savoring his taste, smiling and moaning, anticipating having him completely in my mouth.

I took him in completely, slowly, but surely sliding my tight, hot mouth down over his cock. I could taste his precum oozing out of the tip, and that sent me bobbing faster and faster up and down his glorious dick. Hearing his breathing pick up faster and faster and the moans of pleasure that escaped his lips made me want him inside me right THEN, but I kept going, pleasuring him until I began to feel him tighten. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth, telling me to lie down, and he began kissing from my collar bone down my tummy to my honey pot. I could see his throbbing, hot cock and I wanted it inside me so bad I was ready to jump him until...oh sweet jesu, he nipped the inside of my leg and began running his tongue along the inside of my thigh down to my center, slowly teasing my kitty before slipping a tongue inside me, caressing my innermost being with his tongue.

He brought me up to the edge of cumming twice before coming up and driving his cock inside me, hard and fast, the way I like it. As soon as I would come close to cumming, he would sense it with the tightening of my inner muscles, and he would slow down, letting me back away from the edge of orgasm, before driving me right back up there again.

Finally I wasn't able to stand it anymore. I had to feel him cum, that's what gets me off. I told him to f**k me harder and not to stop this time. He willingly obliged, pounding into me until I felt him begin to twitch and pulse within me, and suddenly I was over the edge, too, cumming so hard I couldn't talk or move. I lay there with my breath hard and ragged, entire body shaking, quivering with desire, and with a satisfaction that I have never known before.

I was still quivering half an hour later when he left to go make dinner at his home for his roommates. I bid him adieu and retired to my room for some well needed rest!

I have to say, that was a sudden and well needed end to my waiting period following my separation. As the song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show says "I've tasted blood and I want more...MORE, MORE, MORE..."

The beast has been unleashed within me...so tell me, what was the best sexual experience you have ever had? And details, please! It's just us, tell me everything!!

jaxvillewolph 38M

8/17/2005 1:25 pm

Good for you, Rose

keystonenc 43M
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8/17/2005 3:41 pm

Dammit, now I am even more frustrated than before, that was a hot story. At least someone got lucky this week.

Rose, if you are truly interested in my best experiences just check out my blog I have detailed some of my favorites on there quite extensively.

bigguymj2323 49M
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8/24/2005 3:19 pm


gr8_1nbed2 46M

3/28/2006 6:57 pm

Wow that was a totally erotic story. I am so hard sitting here now. thanks for the work up.(smiling)

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