The Charm  

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5/13/2005 8:15 am

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The Charm

Cathy is such a pleasant girl. Regardless of her ingenuous smile and enchanting voice, I feel the allure of her personality --- she is indeed an attractor. Compared with her, I would say I am a woman of sentiment, that is, I might be guided by feeling rather than thought from time to time. In the early morning I went to the airport to welcome her. It was my uncle's car that I borrowed to drive her back to my place. My uncle would not forgive me if something 'unacceptable' happened to his car, for instance, broken rear-lights (it did happen last time I used his car). To my surprise, she didn't carry about much luggage, just one backpack, while she said she would stay for one week!

After having quick brunch I drove her to show around. Beyond my expectation she'd rather go sightseeing than shopping. I did notice that She was quite excited about such temples as Sumiyoshi shrine, Tochoji temple and so forth. At night, fatigued and starving, we did not hesitate to rush to a restaurant. Driving all day long had made me feel giddy and hungry. During the supper, I made an attempt to bring up the topic. 'you're so nice and charming that many guys will be so desperate to run after you... even some gals will.' I said.

'thankyou, you're glamorous, too.' she burst out laughing.
'what if a woman tries to hit on you?' I subdued a desire to laugh and asked.
'ermm... that's out of the question.' she responded after a brief pause.
'right, but everything's possible. even prince Charles married Camilla.'
'yeah...uh... would you like some other fish?' she hastily changed the topic.

I was disappointed at her replies and had a feeling that she was always trying to avoid this kind of topic, but anyhow, it was a splendid day that I relished very much.

*Cathy here is merely an alias. No, I am not telling you the whole truth.


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