rookieshere4u 51M/50F
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9/14/2005 7:06 pm

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10/13/2008 7:05 pm


I was wondering, what is the facination with crotch shots? I love the pictures of men with jeans on and no shirt. That's sexy! And as far as women go, a few seductive pictures are awsome. I don't need to see your crotch (dicks included).
If you are really interested in seeing my body I want it up close and personal.
Now I am thinking about putting on some new pictures. What does anybody out there really enjoy??? Be honest!
The Better Half of Two!

moomoo69692 54M/57F
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9/20/2005 6:16 am

Titties!! Pics of titties are really cool. By the way, your titties look awesome, from what we can see! R&S

rm_grizz601 74M

9/21/2005 8:12 am

I think you photo is very sexual. I agree that seductive pictures are more awsome that open crotch shots.
For new pictures....a change of outfit...but in the same mood.
By the way, find your legs are awsome !!!!

Cowboygaigin 52M

7/28/2007 4:23 am

Here's a few ideas:
1. Take a picture from above your head looking down across your face to show your mouth, and breasts. You can lay on your back, use folded arms to squeeze and push them together with plenty of oil. Put on a little sexy red lipstick and flash a smile, or a pucker- whichever you like better. You don't necessarily have to show nipple, but it let's our imagination run wild on what a good tittie fuck you'd be!

2. Take a picture from your husband's point of view as you gobble-up his cock. Make it a sensual picture though with wet lips caressing the head of his johnson. He'll probably be more than happy to offer some other suggestions- maybe a facial cum shot with his load around your mouth?

3. Wearing sexy underwear, take a picture of you from behind while you're on your hands-and-knees looking back over your shoulder with an inviting look.

4. If you are in a hi-rise hotel, take a nude picture of you from behind on the balcony looking over the view. I like when a little light caresses the inner thighs just below your lips- it looks soft, warm, and sexy.

I think you can tell I really enjoy this topic... these are some of my favorite general ideas. Maybe I can help you take a few when I'm there... (c;

TrollBrewsBrunt 37M
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8/6/2007 11:36 am

Looking for some fun... in lima im Brady
look me up.

johnnygiver 59M

9/22/2007 8:46 pm

woman in a short skirt with no panties with her ass expose and her breast hanging out with a lovely smile or a front shot

(Chris )

10/9/2007 11:08 am

The problem with a crotch shot is that you can't see how many teeth that person is missing or where their third eye is. Sensual pictures are waaaay more hot. Case in point....a Playboy pictoral versus anything Hustler magazine has ever photographed. Whatever pics you decide to put up are surely going to be hot.

Your picture is hot! Great legs!

rm_nottieagain 56M
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5/26/2008 7:54 pm

I love the seductive pictures clothes or no clothes the more seductive is more a turn on than looking at pussy or cock

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