Circle of Life  

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11/28/2005 3:39 pm

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Circle of Life

And what is this choose your mood crap? How do I pick one? can't i be BLUE and HORNY? CONTEMPLATIVE and SEXY? LONELY and ROMANTIC?

But as I was writing...

Oh sure, the circle of life sounds good. Heck, Elton even made a song about it. The antelope eat the grass, we eat the antelope, we die and our bodies grow the grass. But let’s face it- the circle of life doesn't sound so good when you are the one getting eaten- and it does happen!

I feel like my life has circled around to a place of suckiness again.

Do I regret my divorce? Well, sure! Who wants to die old and alone? (Not that I am old yet!) Do I regret the choices I’ve made? Sure- we all regret something!

But I do not regret my kids.

I do not regret the friends I made.

I do not regret having (well, used to have) some one love and care for me, and spoon beside me in bed.

I wish I had it all back.

What really sucks though? I know we cannot live together! We are poison for each other. So I have to go on. I stay busy. Work hard. Relax often. Spend time with my kids.

I sure would like to have some one to grow old with, some one to care for me, and sleep with sometimes.

This is a horrible first blog. Oh, well… until next time.

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