My First Encounter  

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10/19/2005 5:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My First Encounter

An old girlfriend and I had the house to ourselves her mom was away, sex was always hard when mom watched our every move. Well here we were naked on the lounge floor just enjoying the foreplay, when she started to rub my balls and cock with her red silk panties of course the smooth silky material almost had me bursting, she asked me to do the same to her so i rubbed her breasts and her shaved pussy until her nipples were erect and ready to be nibbled, i could smell her pussy juices and felt them trickle between her thighs. she slowly got on all fours and i was expecting to enter her doggy style but she still wanted me to rub her arse with her panties particularly her pussy to make them wet, as soon as she could see they had enough of her juices on them she pushed me on my back here i layed expecting her to mount me but to my surprise instead she slipped her panties onme and proceeded to tease my cock with her teeth thru themit felt fantastic, it was only then that she pu;;ed my cock out leaving her panties on to ride me until i could hold out no more in the after glow she insisted i keep her panties on so she could tease me some more. the sensation was fantastic. On my next visit she had bought G String just for me and introduced me to anal sex but thats another story. I still enjoy the sensation of wearing panties especially G Strings and the fond memories of my first time. mmmmmmmmmmm

projectspring 57M/49F

11/8/2005 8:48 pm

You horny horny boy

I would like to lick your cock through those panties. My girl likes me to wear hers too. She usually goes without but I love to wear her knickers. Its really good when you go out on the town and need a pee and the lacey bits are hanging out of the zip for all to see.

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