Seeking Sexual Heaven!  

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6/6/2005 10:40 am

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Seeking Sexual Heaven!

Hi Guys & Dolls/ Girls & Girls !!!!!

A scenario dedicated to these 3 members of
I. dvnsxycpl 2.couple4funsw 3.Near20xford

We have been having a sexy, sexy time this Spring and now Summer promises sexual heaven and fun in the sun!

Met a delicious couple with their friend, whom we met by chance whilst out walking in the Dartmoor National Park whilst following the Devonport Leat above Burrator towards Princetown, that really brought life to life!!!

We were picnicking on a granite boulder high up above the leat enjoying a glass or two of wine in a secluded sheltered spot hidden from sight and we thought safe from intrusion. When we felt it would complement our enjoyment to share a little gentle lovemaking together.
Whilst we were fully engaged with each other to the exclusion of other more worldly matters, we were surpised by a threesome consisting of a good looking man accompanied by his wife and a girl friend of his wife.

When we had completed our love making these hitherto unseen voyeurs clapped their hands in applause and laughed at our embarassment and confusion.

They teased us a little and then said what a good spot it was for lovemaking and for picnicking too!! They were far from embarassed and we then all got into general conversation. It transpired they were down from London for a long week end to explore the pleasures or Burrator and the surrounding moors. They said that they had themselves been looking for a quiet spot to rest awhile and enjoy a cuddle whilst enjoying the views of the lake far below.

They were such sweet and charming people that we asked them if they might join us for a drink that evening.
at our house, as they were all staying nearby.

After drinks we all went out to dinner together and had an uproariously amusing evening, returning to our house for coffee infront of the fire. There names were David, Amanda and Sally.

Earlier during dinner David said that he and Amanda were 'swingers' and so was Sally. That they had come down for a naughty week-end together. He asked whether we guys up for it!!

Juliet who was quite lit up with wine, admitted that she had fancied David from almost the moment she met him earlier in the day and now she was randy as hell! Asking David whether Amanda would like to play too ? "You bet" Amanda replied adding " Sally would would love to play, would'nt you darling!" " Yes and having seen Romeo loving up Juliet on the moors, I want some of that too!"

Collecting a couple of bottles of Cava from the fridge we all wandered upstairs together to our bedroom suite and took all took a shower together which was huge fun
Then we all collapsed on the bed in a fit of giggles and had a tickling match than soon developed into something altogether more passionate. We all shared in exploring and making love to one another without embarassment or inhibitions. David was very powerful sexually and able to regain himself quite quickly after pleasuring any one of the girls, all of whom we made love to in various combinations.
It was a really wonderful night of love which we all enjoyed until too exhausted to continue. They checked out of their hotel in Tavistock the following morning and stayed with us over the week-end instead.

We all continued enjoyed exploring the moors during the day and making lazy, long, languorous love at night together. Had a great dinner at Tanners Restaurant one evening in Plymouth in the oldest surving 15th century house in the city, Wonderful food and atmosphere. We all laughed at what our fellow diners might have thought had they known how we were all going to enjoy each other after dinner on Dartmoor!!

Wishing all fellow Adult Friend Finders a wonderful Summer of sunshine and sexual heaven!!

romeojuliet0 50M/46F
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10/15/2008 4:36 pm

rm_royalmale66 51M

11/24/2008 9:01 am

a dream come true, good for you!!! you all sound good fun and i hope you get to repeat it all again next summer, if you can wait that long....Rm.

eattillidrop2 35M

9/6/2009 5:32 pm

is that devonport australia

BillandDiscovery 96M/49F
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8/4/2011 1:01 pm

A delicious erotic adventure. Reading it gave wonderful mental pictures. Has your friendship endured? Finding such friends we have found isn’t that easy. Perhaps we may find an adventure on the moor! *Winks*. We have found not that many are into our ‘Lifestyle’ of D/s (Dominant and sexual submissive female) even on the site A l t . c o m not many are that confident to meet up and perhaps just enjoy the fantasy.
Thanks for your post. Be safe and well.
Bill and Discovery

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11/16/2012 5:51 am

GREAT fun story.....I was smiling and excited all at the same time......thanks you all

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