Sex with your Best Friend...  

romantic_frog 38M
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9/7/2005 7:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sex with your Best Friend...

Looking back at the past, I see that most of my previous girlfriends were my best friends before we ever kissed or had sex. Then of course when we broke up, the "friendly" harmony did not survive it and I lost them as a friend too.


Today my best friends are all women I am attracted to. Some of them I even flirted with, kissed, but pushed me away for various reasons. Never did I lose a friend for just "trying" to go "further".
No, actually... I think I have tried at least once with all my close friends ! But all of them were OK with it, and although there are some that I lost contact with, that was way after my attempt.

I guess it costs nothing to play, but it is never a big win or a big loss: either I get a good (a few good ) shag(s) and I know I will lose her later, or I get an even closer friend, who knows and understands I am also a man...

Hummm... ! That tender kiss after a few hours of cooking or while watching a love story... That strange sensation of knowing already this body that we actually see for the first time naked... Discovering that this friendly, well-known perfume is actually that of LOVE !


So I guess that YES, friendship is possible between a man and a woman, but only if she is very strict about never crossing the line !!
...coz no matter what... he will try to !

your_gypsy 51F

9/7/2005 8:31 am

i liked this entry. about your last line, "he will try to..." i think that's a guy's job. it's expected. if the guy doesn't try, i'm offended. i think it's cute that he keeps trying. that way he's being a friend. he's being real. he's not bitter and giving up on the hope that it may one day actually happen. i agree it is very special when that occurs. i wouldn't say that it ruins the relationship unless there is infatuation only on one side. that's not true love, we know, and it's destructive to play on that for any reason. if one is a true friend yet doesn't have the same feelings for the other person it is the real FRIEND who will be able to say no, despite his or her attraction or desire at the time, out of concern for the other person, at the very least.

romantic_frog 38M

9/7/2005 11:44 am

> if the guy doesn't try, i'm offended.

Thank you my Gypsy ! That is good to know !
I guess that explains why my reluctant friends stayed my friends, and even most of the time became more intimate, more talkative.
I really have to learn more about the way of thinking of women. Note that if it had happened to me (receiving unsollicited teasing/offers from friends) I would be able to understand better. But then again the man (or at least me) seems to always be the fastest to move, and I am attracted to all my friends, so it will probably never happen.

rm_Bufori 46M
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9/8/2005 1:37 am

I too have a similar problem as my best frens are gals. I had been rejected once, many yrs ago n I was shattered n the frenship froze for a awhile but she has been a good fren since then. While another, we have always been close but never crossed to ask. Awhile back, we spoke v intimately n discovered dat she had fancied me..i never made d approach as i noticed she was goin thru v tough times n did not wan to complicate things. I did ask her y she did not broach the subject quite recently...well we r close frens still but each w a little regret..who knows, eh!

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