Police Fantasy Part II  

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2/9/2006 9:15 am

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Police Fantasy Part II

Ok everyone I already posted my first part and here comes the 2nd part hope u like this one as well. Since I ended at the breasts that is where this one begins.

I Will slid my tongue up the side of her breast tracing a slow wet line around her nipple first with big circles then slowly closing the circle. I will stop to kiss gently before I finally reach her nipple. I then take it into my mouth sucking gently and trapping the it with my teeth. I flick my tongue across her nipple quickly then give it a playful hard suck as I pull my head back up.

I look into her eyes as I again slid my tongue across her chest and take her other nipple between my soft lips sucking softly as my hand begins to wonder back down to her wet mound and I slid my finger slowly back and forth across her slit. I keep my eyes locked with hers as I bite her nipple again tweaking it with my teeth and tongue. Then come up and pull her into a deep passionate kiss. My tongue exploring her tongue as we melt into the kiss.

As we part lips I suck softly on her lower lip and then turn her around gently. I take her hands and place them behind her back and then take my handcuffs and and secure her hands. I tell her to lean forward and spread her feet wider. I take my hard cock and slid it up and down her wet pussy lips easing the head in just a bit then pull back teasing her. Again I ease my cock back into her nice and slow. Give a soft moan as I feel her silky wet folds grasp my cock.

I pull my cock back slowly with just the head still inside her sweetness. I then slid it back in as far as she can take listening to her moan of pleasure. I lean forward kissing her on the neck as I begin to her pussy slowly at first then beggining to pick up the tempo as she moans louder and pushing her ass back on my cock. I pull her up to me and I lips lock again as I slow down my pace a little. I ask her if she wants out of the handcuffs and wants me to fuck her lying on the hood of the car.

After that I take the handcuffs off and lay her down on the hood and spread her legs wide. I again ease my cock back in her pussy. I take one of her breasts in my hand squeezing it softly as I beginning sliding my cock in her sweet pussy faster. She screams in pleasure while I fuck her nice and hard. Making sure my cock goes as deep as it can go. I love the feel of her pussy juices around my cock and how it feels. I can feel myself getting ready to cum so I pull her back to me again kissing her deeply.

I feel her pussy muscles contract on my cock and she lets out a long loud moan as she cums on me again. I feel my cock begin to pulse and I pull out pushing her down to her kneesa and I cum all over her tits. She strokes me to get all of the cum and then takes my spent cock in her sweet lips sucking softly. Milking me for the rest of my cum. She rubs my cock across her lips and down her chest smearing my cum around. I pull her back up again to me giving her another kiss and whispering in her ear that I think I will let her go this time but she better be a good girl again.

There u go I couldnt be as detailed as I like to be but it is the general fantasy. Hope u ladies like this and I will try to post a few more fantasies later on. Love to hear anyone elses fantasies as well so let me know where I can read urs at.

MWWwantsmore 51F

2/10/2006 5:06 am

MMM nice fantasy, once had a cop fuck me against my car at 3 am while he was on duty Was very hot!

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