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Two gentleman were on the golf course when a third man approached them and asked if he could join. The two men told him sure and by the time they made it to the fourth hole they both noticed he carried an unusual bag.

The men asked him what he had in the bag and the man said he was a hitman and carried his gun everywhere he went. Both being intruiged asked if they could see his gun.

The hitman pulled it out and let them look at it. The first man marveled at the weapon and handed to the next man. The next man was looking through the scope and sai hell I can see my house.

The man started cussing and his friend asked what was wrong. He told him he saw his wife with another man. He asked the hitman how much for a hit. The man replied 1000.00 per hit.

The man still fuming said I want you to shoot my wife and the man she is with in the dick. The hitman loads up and is sitting there for a good five minutes. Both men ask what he is waiting for and he replies hang on a minute I am about to save your a 1000.00 dollars.

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