Dont tell the wife  

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2/10/2006 7:30 am

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Dont tell the wife

Me and my wife has since separated but here is a story that happened before that took place. It all started on a Monday night football party. Bare in mind I dont drink and when I do as my wife puts it I get very loose and flirtatious.

I threw a little party on Monday night football and invited a few friends over. As usually my wife didnt want to participate so she went to bed at 800PM before everyone showed up. She never could enjoy a party and didnt seem to want to socialize.

Well anyway only three out of the original group showed up and one was a husband and wife. The other one was this hot little black girl I knew and always wanted to fuck. She was about 5'5 slim with a nice round booty and delicious breasts. She had very beautiful eyes and a stunning smile.

Well anyone after a few drinks her and I started flirting some. The other couple had gotten a phone call about the end of first quarter and had to leave something about the kids so it was just her and eye.

We are sitting there halfway through the second quarter and she leans over to me whispering in my ear "How would you like to fuck at halftime?" I about spit out my beer and turned all red I looked her like are u serious and she tells me this "I always wanted to fuck a man with his wife in the house it gets me so fucking hot." I couldnt believe what I was hearing and I figured dream come true.

I look her up and down and pull her closer to me and give her a long deep kiss telling her I been wanting to do that for a long time. She smiles as her hand finds its way to my pants and she begans to massage me. She tells me "We have to be quick dont want her to wake up." By now she already has my cock all hard and she eases the zipper down and unbuttons them pulling out my hard cock. She smiled at me saying "Oooo you have a beautiful dick bigger than I thought."

She then starts to lick the head slowly sliding her tongue around it then envelops it gently. I lean my head back and look to the stairs to keep my eyes out for the wife. She then slids her mouth down slowly at first then back up popping the head out with a smile. She then slids her tongue down the side and gently begins to suck on my balls. I let a little moan and she tells me to be quiet or she has to stop.

I just smile and nod my head and again she slids her tongue up my cock and slids it in her mouth. She twirls her tongue around the head again after a couple minutes of a very nice blow job and looks up at me sayin "I want you to fuck my Pussy right now." She stands up and takes her jeans off and pulls me towards the bathroom "I dont want you wife to see us" she says as she bends over the counter.

I take my hard cock and place at the entrance to her wet pussy. She tells me "Fuck me good baby just fuck me." With that I just plunge my cock in her and she reaches back and grabs my waist pulling me to her. She groans softly as I bury it deep in her. I slid it back again and nice and slow bury myself again. She tells me this time "Oh dont u do that unless u want me to wake ur wife up with my moans." I smile and I start fucking her nice and slow at first enjoying how her sweet ass pussy feels on my cock. Again she tells me to fuck her hard and fast she wants to feel my cum all over her.

I start pumping that sweet ass and get a little carried away and slap it one good time which causes her let a loud little moan which luckily she caught herself. She told me I better not do that again. I keep pounding her pussy feeling her juices easing out around my cock and then she tells me "Cum all over my ass baby I wanna feel ur cum on my ass" Now I never had a woman talk like that to me before so I had to give her what she wanted. I felt the tingling sensation running up my cock and knew it was ready.

I gave her a couple more hard thrusts then pulled my cock out cumming all over her ass. She started to moan softly saying "Oh yea baby give me that hot cum I love that." She turned around and took the head of my cock and sucked hard making me shiver in pleasure. She stood up and gave me another kiss then cleaned herself off. She looked at me and asked if I was up for a round two at the end of the game. I guess that everyone can figure out the answer to that one. We fucked again this time on the kitchen counter.

I couldnt beleive how kinky that was and how turned on I got. I had never done anything like that but her and I had many many sexual encounters after that. Maybe I will tell the one where my Sergeant almost caught us one night. LOL that was interesting to say the least. Well hope everyone liked this one.

LustyTaurus 48M  
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2/10/2006 4:58 pm

Bring your little black sweetheart when you come to Canada...maybe we can share!


MWWwantsmore 51F

2/13/2006 5:49 am

Very nice story Always fun when there is the thrill of getting caught!

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